I was reading my News Feed from Rappler when this article caught my attention.

 photo startoon_zps95065ae0.gif

The cartoon really said it all. See the roots? The Pandacan Oil Depots are rooted to that area; They will leave a big hole if they are removed.

My 1st question after I read the Rappler article, "Why are they always pointing their fingers at the Pandacan Oil Depots?" Is it that easy to just blame the depots for every disaster that Metro Manila encounters related to Petroleum?

The recent Oil Spill in Sta. Ana, Manila revived the unending call for the ousting of the Oil Depots in Pandacan Manila. The City of Manila ordered the closure of the depot in Sta. Ana following the Oil Spill. This will not be the case in with the Pandancan Oil Depots since they follow international standards just like what the Rappler article said. SO WHY BOTHER REMOVING THEM???

Regarding the Pipeline leak, it is owned and operated by First Philippine Industrial Corporation (FPIC). In my opinion, any fault or consequence resulting from this incident should be directly thrown to FPIC. The transfer of stream from Batangas to the Pandacan Depots is contracted out to FPIC. FPIC should be the one maintaining the pipe not whoever contracted them.

As with the City Council of Manila, the primary concern is SAFETY. But then again, as the Rappler article pointed out, there is no Government Agency tasked to really monitor this type of businesses. But in my point of view, since DOLE is the one tasked with handling Permits to Operate Boiler, Steam turbines, etc. I think DOLE should be the one handling this. The real problem here is that there are no rules regarding how frequent maintenance of Pipes that extends that long. It would be easier to just create an addendum to the Occupational Safety and Health Standards (which covers Boilers and such) about a pipeline that extends to a certain length. Problem solved!

I believe that people don't really understand why the depots located in the heart in Manila. It's a strategic area and ousting them there will have great ripple effects in our lives. Here's a simple thought: the oil prices are already high when the depots are here in Manila, what more when they are located in the provinces? Probably to make it cheaper they will just have gas stations in Expressways. That way, they have minimal investment in supplying the oil.

The Depots should stay. Period.