The girls and I hitched a ride from Sir Ely to the Highway gate. He dropped us on the unloading area so we can have our bioscript scan to exit the premises. We were talking while we were doing the process. I said goodbye to the girls since the car will be heading straight to the Bunkhouse. Since I don't stay there, I began walking to the direction of the jeepney stop.

I was about to walk away when familiar faces emerged from the corner. I immediately recognized my batchmates' faces so I called for one of them. "Egan!", I called. Their faces lighted up when they saw me.

"Kamusta naman kayo?", my usual question when I see my batchmates. They said they were fine and things are finally going well "down there". I think they just bought their dinner. I asked why they were buying it from so far away but they wasn't able to answer the question because someone quipped, "Andyan si Pute, Whil."

In a slow mo, I turned my head on the right and there he was...

[insert Angelic song SFX, light from heaven effect on Price Charming]

Charming as always. He was wearing a white sando and his favorite shorts. (He like wore it gazillion times already!) and he seems... different... He looks different... He's vibe is... different. At that time I couldn't put my finger on what was really different about him.

While one side of my brain was busy wondering what is different about Prince Charming, my multitasking brain's other half asked Prince Charming about my favor. He said it's at their house. I then announced that I will be joining them to their house.

He and another housemate led our group to our journey to their house. I was conversing with the another two who were Pres and I's batchmates. While walking, I finally realized what was different about him.

His physique is different. His skinny physique is now gone. He has broader shoulders now and his arms are developing. His chest is developing too. And more importantly, he is not maputi anymore. He developed a nice tan.

 photo tumblr_md3oe7b7Vr1qkrnw8_zps54c71f38.jpg
Sorta something like this

After the events that afternoon, I texted him about my observation.

"...ngayon ko lang napansin, siguro kasi pag naguusap tayo sa Admin mga less than five minutes lang, kaya hindi ko napapansin. You look more mature..."

"...Because I am..."

I sure hope so. Well, I truly feel that he matured for the better. My Prince Charming is now a Knight. A White Knight. =D

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Watch out bullies!