I was so stressed earlier in the office. But I will not get into details about that I'd rather share the story that also happened earlier after I made touch down in Manila cemented pavement.

I marched to the nearest mall, SM San Lazaro, to get a fix of my favorite de-stress drink. I entered feeling all wet from walking in the rain. I left my parasol in the bin and stood in line for the cashier. It was not a long wait since there were only two patrons in front.

When it was my turn to order, the cute Barista smiled at me. He's not that cute at first glance. But his face has that awkwardness that really categorizes him into a a certified cutie. "Good evening Sir! Can I have your order?", the cutie barista named Jayvi gleefully exclaimed. Since I was on de-stress, I ordered my favorite non-caffeine drink: Mango Passion Fruit with an extra pump of White Mocha, No Tea, Venti. "Anything else Sir?", he said with a cute smile. "Pwede bang ikaw?", I thought. I just shook my head for my reply. Jayvi took a plastic venti cup and wrote down my order, "Can I have your name Sir?", he asked while showing his pearly whites. "It's Whil with an H. It's W-H-I-L.", I as-a-matter-of-factly mentioned. He wrote down my name and excitedly shared some options for my drink.

"Whil! Next time, instead of White Mocha, try nyo po with rock salt! =D"

"Really? What does it taste like?"

"Parang naglalaban yung tamis at alat. Parang kumain ng indian mango na may asin. =D"
, Wow! Complete with Simile ah!

"Sige, I'll have that next time!", and then I handed him my payment for my drink.

"I received 1000. Eto po ang change nila.", both of us smiling.

"Thank you Whil!", his last line while I move to the receiving line.

After a got my drink, I merrily sipped the mango goodness, and left the store with revived spirits. Kaya gusto ko ng Mango Passion Fruit eh, laging amy extra convo with the cutie barista! Hihihi!