I stopped in thought. Wondering what would be my life if I chose Secondary Education over Chemical Engineering.

Would I still be the TP4 Director?
Probably not. I was first invented to TP4 by my classmate RJ Samia who was a PATHWAYS Scholar. He invited us in class, and I became interested. I went to the Orientation regarding the project and fell in love with its objective. It was then headed by the Founder and 1st Director Ms. Airis Pastoral as well as Mother Carlo, Ate Marj, and Kuya Justin. (Wow! Mga Top brass ng AKLAS!)

If I am not part of TP4, I would have known Ma'am A, the Student Activities Chenes of OSA.
If I am not part of TP4, I would never be a staff of The Central Student Council.
If I am not part of TP4, Kuya Ross would not have known me and would not have referred me as the Legal Officer for the then newly formed SIKLAB.

If I took Secondary Education, I would have been classmate again with my former classmate Ana Preciosa Igaya, whom I am very close with back then.
I would have been taking it easy, instead of living in limbo in Engineering.
I would be trained more on how to express myself properly, and really maximize my vocabulary.
I would have more Literature subjects, which I love.
I know I am in the right direction because all that I am going to end up is to become a teacher.

I would have a different set of friends. I would have never known these wonderful people in the Chemical Engineering Department. Especially batch 2010. The people which I love to mingle and share my life with. I would have never known SIKLAB and AKLAS people. The people which have the same vision as I am. I would have never known my CSC family which honestly makes me confident to leave my mark. And lastly, I would never have known the great teachers in Engineering. Teachers who have the brains, and heart to teach this difficult subject called MATH.

Grabeh, parang hindi na ako pag Secondary Education yung kinuha ko! OMG!