Whoever said that Engineering today is a whole lot better than before is a total SHIT!

I may be mistaken, but I hypothesize that that certain department have males as majority of their students, which leaves us to conclude that it is either ME or EE. But I think it would be our not matured new brothers and sisters, the ES 1st years.

Ang 1st statement, baket ang No food policy ay may warning period, at ang NO PSP policy ay wala? Mas matanda pa ata saten ang problema sa mga estudyanteng kung saan saan iniiwan ang kalat nila. If there is a due process of implementing a policy that requires an observation period, then those in power should follow it. Hindi bigla bigla nalang tayong ginugulat ng ganyan.

2nd: Nasan ang SWBD Coordinator naten?! Dapat sya ang unang unang kokontra dyan!!! Pangatlo na yan ah!!! Hindi lang dapat lagi ang estudyante ang proprotekta sa karapatan nya! Kya nga sya nilagay sa posisyon na yon para maging kakampi ng mga estudyante! tawagin si Ma'am Net!

3rd: Does the administration have a say in what the students should do in their free time?
Answer: NO!
As the 4th statement of the ESC + EDSA so delcares, It is in the discretion of the students on how to use their free time. Nag-aaral naman kaming nasa higher years lalo na pag may quiz. Ewan ko lang sa ES na puro laro pa din ang nasa isip. Sabi nga ni Sir Blanza, "mas madaling magturo sa Higher years, kasi nakikinig, hindi katulad sa lower years..." Kung naintindihan mo na yung lesson, pag-aaksayahan mo pa ba ng sobrang daming oras pag-aralan ulit yon?

4th: Why do you need to go out to the pavilion to play PSP, if you can do it in the comfort of your chair and a cool aircon breeze? Mostly naman, ang ginagawa namen, naglalaro ng PSP pag walang prof. Sus me! Can afford mo pa bang maglaro sa expixtaxix(nosebleed) nyong lesson? Kung hindi ka makikinig siguradong bagsak aabutin mo! Meron pa ngang mga instances na kahit nakikinig ka na, hindi mo pa maintindihan, tapos, lalamyerda ka pa sa paglalaro ng PSP? Pag lumabas ang estudyante ng building, minsan tatamarin ng pumasok ulet sa loob yon! Edi mas maganda, hindi nalang papasok yung estudyante! About dun sa statement na dun nalang sa library maglaro, ang kapalmuks naman nung gagawa nun! Edi lalo kang nakadisturb! Tsaka ang layo ng Benavidez library sa Engg noh! Ako nga twing pupunta lagi sa TANYANKEE lagi pa akong nakikipagpatintero sa dami ng estuyante ng UST eh! balik tayo dun sa pavilion, ilan ang pavilion sa labas? More or less 10. ilan ang estudyante ng Engg? 1st year pa lang, 2050 nah. Sigurado ako, that number wont fit in those pavilions.

5th: A quote, for our Dean,"Study without thinking and you are blind; think without studying and you are in danger." The immediate banning of PSP clearly shows that there is no pre-meditation over the creation of the policy. Hindi man lang naisip na malay mo, nag-iinternet pala yung batang yun na nahuling "naglalaro". O kaya nagbabasa through e-book, yung libro nya pala eh electronic na, sinusundan nya yung tinuturo ng prof nya, nakakahiya naman daw sa prof kung ilalabas nya sa madlang people yung PSP nya. Wow ah! Pang SWDB ang remarks!

6th: Kung isa ako sa Department Chairs, No offense to our own, I would be pretty mad because the Dean bypassed my position as a Department Chair concerning policy making. Kung ang Dean ang President, ang Department Chairs ang mga Senador, kung majority ayaw, there is no power that would permit to do something against "our" will.

7th: Paglalo mong sinasakal, lalong pumipiglas. Expect an insurgence of total pasaways sa Engineering. Naku! puro lalaki pa naman yan! In a male psychology, ayaw niya yung may restrictions! Kasi kung bukal sa loob nila ang restrictions, magpapari sila!

8th: We should not request. We should demand! They should treat us as human beings! Not some kind of animal that they can impose policies whenever they desire!

9th: The phrase, "..and other gadgets used for gaming..." shall include, Laptops, Palmtops, Cellphones, and other multi-purpose gadgets. Then professors and students alike should be prohibited from bringing these items inside the building. As Mayor Lim of Manila says, "The law should be for all, otherwise none at all." That would be a big burden to professors who have e-leap online courses. This is just a mere interpretation of the phrase, further magnifying my statement that the policy was not given that much pondering, and was not consulted with other important persons, who could have pointed this out as a hole in the policy.

10th: Those gaming device acts as our stress relievers after a long quiz or a heavy lecture of calculations. It is not our problem that in the early history of the Faculty, such devices were not yet invented, and that only, crossword puzzles, word finds, and comic books are the only readily available items for them to relieve their stress.

11th: Even before the PSP was invented, there is already a big number of students who are failing their subjects. One fact is that the teacher student ratio is not the ideal. In what I read somewhere, the ideal Teacher student ratio is 1:35. I can still recall that during my 1st year, we are more or less, 50 students in class. that was during the former dean. But this year, we were all surprised by a whopping 2050 freshies. I don't know the number of sections of the freshies but I believe that 1:50 would be the mean average of the teacher student ratio. Not to mention, stressed teachers because they would be taking in more load to accommodate the large in flux of students. Stressed teachers + 50 or so students = not so ideal teaching. I am expecting a super duper surge of Summer enrollees!