Today, i decided to walk through all the blogs in my Blogroll. I eventually, entered Mother Carlo Masajo's blog. It's been a long time since I've been there. As I earlier stated in my previous posts, Mother Carlo is the one I treat as a mentor. Yes, we're both homosexuals but is not the issue here. I am just happy that he finally got through with his probation.

I was not an active part of last year's AKLAS, the party that which he chaired last year, for I am busy being the Legal Officer of AKLAS's Engineering affiliate, SIKLAB. Our only connection with the central party were Arvin Ballesteros, SIKLAB's founding chair, and Kuya Ross Hernandez, the founding Secretary General. Although, he was not entirely the reason why SIKLAB was formed, it was under his leadership that 2 new affiliates were born, SIKLB (Eng'g) and ASSET (Accountancy).

I really look up to this person. And I honestly envy his writing style. I admit that I will never be at par with his writing skills. But I think, it is safe to say, that we have the same passion with regards to protecting students rights in our University. I am sure that most Engineering students agree that when it comes to Student's Rights Violations, the Faculty of Engineering is the center of the flower. That is why, I will still continue to be part of SIKLAB for the rest of my life. SIKLAB for me is the best thing that every happened to the Engineering students. And I will surely won't back down without a fight.

Touched ako sa posts ni Mother Carlo. May kurot eh!