Dahil nasasaktan ako kahit ayoko yun maramdaman, ibubuhos ko ang saket ng puso ko dito sa mga questions na ito!

1. Real name: John Wilbert N. de Guzman
2. Nickname(s): Joanna Whilhelmina de Guzwoman, Whil, Betong, Tongbets
3. Zodiac sign: Cancer
4. Male or female: inbetween
5. Elementary: Dr. Kwangson Young Memorial School
6. Middle School: N/a
7. High School: UST Pay High School (1st year), Holy Child Catholic School
8. Hair color: Brown
9. Long or short: Short
10. Loud or Quiet: Inbetween
11. Sweats or Jeans: bitch jeans
12. Phone or Camera: CAMERA PHONE :)
13. Health freak: nope!

14. Drink or Smoke?: Drink
15. Do you have a crush on someone? yes
16. Eat or Drink: Both

17. Piercings?: none
18. Tattoos: none


19. Been in an airplane: TOY or REAL? <-- magandang question anak!
20. Been on a motorcycle: yepyep
21. Been in a car accident: Motorcycle accident
22. Been in a fist fight: sampalan


23. First piercing: Diba pierce din yung sa injection
24. First best friend: Rainier Chan
25. First award: 3rd honors ata yun sa Health Center
26. First crush: Si Jaztiz
28. First big vacation: Baguio


29. Last person you talked to: Si Dadee =D
30. Last person you texted: Si jarjar
31. Last person you watched a movie with: BNBP family
32. Last food you ate: rice and tuna in butter sauce
33. Last movie you watched: porn ata yun ni jebs
34. Last song you listened to: Let me be with you parapara version
35. Last thing you bought: gulaman sa sm manila
36. Last person you held hands with. : si son ata.


37. Food: Potatoes and garlic
38. Drinks: Tea
39. Clothing: SIKLAB shirt (wala pa nga eh!)
40. Books: John Grisham Books, Filipino authored books
41. Music: J-pop, OPM, RnB
42. Flower: Periwinkle
44. Movies: Final Fantasy: Spirits Within. Indie
45. Positions: Missionary talaga eh.
46. Subjects: Computer subjs. Algebra, Geometry, English, Writing subjs, Stoichiometry, Thermodynamics 1, Law subjs.

IN 2008.....

47. kissed in the snow: nope.
48. celebrated Halloween: at home
49. had your heart broken: I think im broken right now
50. went over the minutes on your cell phone: yes! my habit actually!
51. someone questioned your sexual orientation: YES!!!!
52. came out of the closet: yep!!!
53. gotten someone pregnant: Over my dead sexy body
54. had an abortion: How I wish i can get pregnant
55. done something you've regretted: no regrets
56. broke a promise: yes T_T
57. hid a secret: yepyep
58. pretended to be happy: sobra!!!
59. met someone who changed your life: YES.
60. pretended to be sick: yes!
61. left the country: Yuppie!!!
62. tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it: Summer class! =D

63. cried over the silliest thing: yes
64. ran a mile: yepyep
65. went to the beach with your best friend(s): IM SURE MALAPET NA YAN!!!
66. stay single the whole year: Yes


67. Eating: NOPE
68. Drinking: nopee
69. I'm about to reply: nothing
70. Listening to: Wake up by Hilary Duff
71. Plans for today: Watch Case Unclosed
72. Waiting for: TONIGHT!!! owwwow!!!!


73. Want kids?: HMM YES.
74. Want to get married? : Sa states
75. Careers in mind: Instructor, Chemical Engineer, Lawyer


76. Lips or eyes: Lips yung makapal
77. Shorter or taller? : taller
78. Romantic or spontaneous: inbetween.
79. Nice stomach or nice arms: both!
80. Sensitive or loud: inbetween
81. Hook-up or relationship: HOOK UP THEN REALATIONSHIP. <-- correct nak!
82. Trouble-maker or hesitant: inbetween yung parang ako!


83. Lost glasses/contacts: yes gazillion times already
84. Ran away from home: NOPE/
85. Hold a gun/knife for self defense: yes did it many times
86. Killed somebody: Planning
87. Broken someone's heart: nope... they always break me!
88. Been arrested: nope
89. Cried when someone died: YEAH


90. Yourself: YEAH, student leader ata to!
91. Miracles: nope!
92. Love at first sight: NO DUH :))
93. Heaven: Yes,
94. Santa Claus: Nope
95. Sex on the first date: kung trip mo sya at trip ka nya at gusto nyo y not?
96. Kiss on the first date: op course!

97. Is there one person you want to be with right now?: aray! aray! masaket! yes!
98. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? yep may reason naman ata yan
99. Do you believe in God: A BETTER QUESTION IS, WHO DOESNT? <-galing ni nak
100. Post as 100 truths and tag 15 people: DONT DO TAGS.