”With nothin’ but your T-shirt on…”, I sang cross-armed while I lean against a wall by our half open door. T-shirt raging from my cellphone. I smiled, because I remembered Dadee from that tune that we both favor. A constant chilly wind provided by a nearby electric fan completed my EMO mood. I walked towards our old sofa, lied down and began thinking of my future.

Chemical Engineer? Teacher? or Lawyer?

One more year, I will be receiving my undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering. But I cannot hide the fact that being a Chemical Engineer is not my dream. My ambition is to become a teacher and I believe that I will be good at it. I do have a knack in teaching; I am able to present information well and am really passionate about the profession. But then there is this new found interest that made me consider another career: Law. Being the Legal Officer of a newly founded political party, it paved the way for me to realize another set of skills that I have hidden in me: writing. Although I write for this blogsite, I tend to be more informal in my writing style because I consider this as my online diary. But as a Legal Officer I am expected to write party stands, amendments, complaints, resolutions, affidavits, etc., all of which requires my skill in technical writing. Another thing is that, I found out that I also have a knack in interpreting laws. This is evident in my law subjects which are PGC and Ethics. I am really considering law as an optional career. But I would need to put it aside for a moment because of financial reasons.

I stood from the wooden furniture and approached yet another wooden furnishing: our dining table. My palette showed interest to have a piece of the caramelized banana that my mother made before she left for Quezon. I took a saucer from our plate cabinet and a fork to partner it. I forked the last two pieces of banana and transferred it to my platelet. I knew something was missing so I went back to the kitchen and obtained my secret ingredient: the coffee creamer. I showered the bananas with the creamer, forked a piece and bit it to my delight.

I have a reputation of having weird taste buds. Well… Some kind of reputation. Hihi! The reason behind is because I do weird things to the things I eat. Here they are:
  • I eat ketchup straight from the packaging. You know, the ketchup from the fastfood chains?
  • I put ketchup in my sundae.
  • I put creamer in sugar based syrup desserts.
  • I love french fries in fish ball sauce.
  • I make instant noodles into instant pancit canton.
  • I like laing and kesong puti together
  • I like to fry my fish fillet in cream (Butter + Sugar)

I went upstairs to my room. I comfy myself in my bed and turned on the TV. I surfed for a few seconds for TV shows and settled to my favorite station (Proud to be Kapuso!). I forgot to turn on the fan which has broken switches so I would need to plug it in a socket first. I plugged the wind generator and returned to my warm bed.

It was a very long time since I was able to watch my favorite shows the whole day. It was Saturday so it starts with Yu-Gi-Oh on channel 9. This is the seasons were they fought Malik. Then Ka-blog follows at channel 7 whose topics focus on sports. At 1 pm, replay of Masked Rider Hibiki is on channel 5 and the finale episodes of Special A followed shortly afterwards. Lipgloss that blew me away because an explosion ended the episode leaving the characters drenched in blood. And finally, CSI prime in Studio 23. I love death! Hihi!