PhotobucketI was socializing with my fellow deficient Chemical Engineering students in the Greenhouse when my friend Kai returned with a stack of papers from the Dean’s office. I immediately gave the papers to Ma’am Duran for these papers are the ones used for advising. That’s when Sir Butch invited me to the table to have a little chitchat. He asked me about the plans for the next ChES General Assembly. Well I said I have no power over it because the officers are the ones deciding about the theme. He cited Allan about not winning. As well as telling him, “Bat di ka umattend ng awarding? Bitter ka pa rin?”. Ending with a joke, ”Kapatid sya ni Bitter Ocampo noh”, which made the table laugh.

It was my turn to be advised. I was a bit embarrassed because two of my favorite professors who know me by name and face were in front of me. ”Oh? Bat mo binagsak to? Ay nako…” Ma’am Berna expressed her disappointment. I was smiling just to keep my tensions down while I was scratching the back of my ears. ”OK lang po yan Ma’am, hindi ko pa naman po nabrebreak yung promise ko. Magmamartsa po ako next year promise!”, I replied. But then Sir Butch said, ”Kaya mo naman yun eh iba lang talaga yung priorities mo.” pertaining to my over active extra-curricular activities. “Magaling naman yan, naku, masasaktan ako pag hindi nagmartsa yan next year.” Ma’am Berna’s addendum to the conversation that made my ears flap.

Hearing words of praises from my favorite professors really made my heart jump in joy. I never really expected those words because I am not the academically excellent type of student. Only a few people recognize my prowess and what I notice is that they are all my favorite teachers. It really made me happy that day, now I have a reason to study hard in my last year in Engineering. I will not fail my favorite Chemical Engineering Professor and our dear mother, the Chair of the Chemical Engineering Department of the University of Santo Tomas Faculty of Engineering: Assoc. Prof. Bernadette M. Duran. There will be a new Wilberchie this coming school year so watch out!