I was busy then blogging in a computer shop when my cellphone rang. I was receiving a phone call from an unknown number. I answered the call and was at first excited when a male voice patched from the audio. My hopes were then dissolved when I found out the male voice I’m speaking to belongs to Kuya Juan. Kuya Juan is the former president of the UST-Chemical Engineering Society and I served under his term as the Vice chair of the then newly founded, Creative Services Committee. He called me because he wants to invite me to join in a business venture. He was doing it as a sideline and believed that I qualify for his next associate. It sounded good to me, although I am having doubts already about it. I kept on remembering the “business” in Ortigas. Anyway, he asked me if I was interested and I confirmed. He then said that he will book me on March 28, Saturday. OK, I replied.

A few days passed, I found out that I have a meeting with my Legal Officers that Saturday in the morning and then TP4 in the afternoon. I immediately texted Kuya Juan to have my schedule changed. It took him a day to reply and confirmed that he will book me earlier, March 27, Friday at the same time of 6 pm. I confirmed to finalize that time and cleared my schedule for any other appointments that day.

March 27, 2009: Friday.
I left our house some time around 3:30 pm. I walked towards Tayuman St. which I normally do during class days. I took a jeep to LRT Tayuman Station, and then rode a train to Gil Puyat Station. I went down to the side where there is a mall beside the station steps. I decided to walk towards the direction counter the flow of traffic. I looked for a signage of Guadalupe because it was my sister’s instruction. Days before the agreed date, I asked my sister for directions because she’s working in Medicard in Makati. I rode a jeep and I texted my sister for more instructions like landmarks that I need to watch out for. She replied, “Mcdo sa kanan, Caltex at Petron sa kaliwa na magkasunod.” Incidentally, the moment I received the text, I was already in the area. Good thing that the traffic light in the intersection was colored red. I immediately disembarked the jeep and search for the texted address of the building. I asked a traffic enforcer for directions but his direction wasn’t that conclusive and he kept on pointing to a direction. I followed his pointed direction and then crossed the street to the other side. I was pretty cautious because I know for a fact that jaywalking is a crime in Makati and I can be in serious trouble if I get caught. I decided to follow this street where there was a bank on my right side. While walking, my cellphone exploded with Earl’s song signifying that I received a text message:
”Saw u at export bank… Got no load… Wula lang… ktapos lng ng exam… Whew… Ingat.”

Even though it didn’t contain any name I knew it was from Dadee. I punched in letters and then replied. I resumed my Makati adventure with a smile and was surprised to be in dela Rosa? De Leon? St. I forgot sorry! Anyhoo, I know the place because the building of Family First Insurances is located here. My mom and I used to go here to finish up some papers regarding our insurance. I turned left to that street because of adventurer’s instinct told me to. After going straight for a minute, I reached a corner with a very big intersection. I saw an underpass and decided to cross to the other side towards the building where the Family First Insurance is located. I was surprised to see that the underpass has escalators in it. I followed the trail of people going the down the pathway and was already crossing the street when my adventurer’s instinct once again tipped me to cross the other way. There was another path leading to the side of the Ayala Museum. I followed my instincts and resurfaced in the façade of the Ayala Museum. I walked concurrent to the direction of the exit of the underpass. Soon, the pavement is turning to the right because the building has a rounded structure. I asked a seemingly kind enforcer for another set of directions. This time he gave me a very very detailed one. He told me to turn right and I will arrive in dela Costa St., the one I’m after. Then, go straight ahead and I will find the building I am looking for.

I followed his direction. I walked and walked in the dela Costa St. I thought of many things while I kept walking and walking still in the dela Costa stretch. My God! I’m still walking. Walk. Walk. Walk. Walk. Wait! I stopped for a moment because I recognized a logo embedded in a high rise building. It’s a combo of red and blue colors. I immediately knew that is the logo of Petron.


I thought that this maybe the building where my professor in Chemical Process and Industries, Sir Tengkiat, have his office. I continued on with my search of the meeting place by again, walking in dela Costa St. I saw a horizontal sort of like panel that seemed to me like the MRT track. ”Anu ba yan, nasa Guadalupe station na ata ako bat di ko pa nakikita yung building?” I thought. But upon closer look, it was just a bridge connecting two buildings which are across each other. Looking at the bridge, on my right across the street is like a cafeteria, a very shala shala cafeteria. On my left, is a building whose entrance has a sign, “No ID, No Entry”. I passed under the bridge and I began to turn left because there were fences showing that direction. I was surprised to see such a Metropolis and figured I should turn back. My instinct told me to cross the street to the other side where I would cross the other end of the bridge. It was to my surprise that the building I’m looking for is actually the one with the No ID no entry sign. I texted Kuya Juan to inform him that I’m already in the vicinity. I checked my watch and was surprised that it was just half after 5 pm. I was a bit impatient, since Kuya Juan didn’t reply that quickly. I observed the people entering the premises of the building. They are not wearing any ID and the guard permits them to enter. Since I need to use the comfort room, I decided to go up since I know the floor where I’m going. I reached the floor and proceeded to the comfort room that I immediately spotted because of the sign on the ceiling. It was during this time that I saw the name of the company that I was supposed to be sson be affiliated with. While doing my thing in the CR, my phone vibrated heralding Kuya Juan’s reply. He said that I’m so early and that he is still in the office.

It was after a series of texts that I decided to eat at the nearby cafeteria. There, I ate a solo pizza from the Lot’s a pizza stand and drank a bottle of water from Plato Wraps. While waiting for my order to come, I was still in contact with Kuya Juan. His messages say that he asked his superiors to talk to me yada yada. It was during this time that I remembered the other “business” that I made such an effort to go to in Ortigas. So I asked Kuya Juan and his superiors if the company has another branch in Ortigas. They later confirmed that it does. In the end, I was not looking at the sister company of the other “business” in Ortigas, but the same company. I am just wasting time, I told myself. But for the sake of professionalism, I stayed and returned to the floor.

There I met Kuya Juan’s associate and their superior. I engaged in a very formal conversation with the two. They keep on insisting that I stay for the talk but I resisted by saying that I already know what the talk will tackle. Thank God that they finally released me. The only consolation I had was seeing Mr. Commerce 2005. Woohoo! So hot! Hihi! Before I left the premises, I texted Kuya Juan: “I left the place graciously and politlet. Oh ayan ha hindi ako unprofessional.

I followed my instinct about going home and the next thing I know, I’m in a jeep to Buendia. From there I rode a jeep to Divisoria then went straight home.

Have you seen infinity?