I’ve hermit for weeks in writing blogs. This is due to a multitude of reasons which I am going to reveal later. But for now let me share with you some things when I’m writing my blog entries. The way how I write my blogs depends primarily on my mood. When I’m busy, I tend to write in short bursts which are somewhat unimportant. When I am sad, I tend to be more melancholic in my choice of words, in lay man’s term: EMO. When I’m exceptionally happy, it shows! LOUD !!! These passed days, I felt all those emotions that’s why my writing style changes. This change of style is really not appealing to me personally. I tend to become lazy when I get these mood changes. And here are the reasons why:

Evaporator na may brine solution!
In the tradition of Flat shoes na may takong , Plunging neckline with ruffles and beads, and Ping peping pang pung comes a new era gay lingo world. Introducing: Evaporator na may brine solution! Like its gay lingo counterpart, the Evaporator… also means yes. This is a new age in the gay lingo biz, and I call it, the Chemical Engineering gay lingo! Woohoo!!! If you’re a Chemical Engineer or a ChE Student, I’m sure that you know Reynaldo Puno, Prankenstein, and Nunika Hija. Hihi!!! ChE gay lingos are in!!! I will be posting new words very very soon! Come join the bandwagon ChE bitches! Wahhahaha!

Unit Ops 1
It’s official; I am one of the chosen few who failed Unit Operations 1 course. Its de ja vu actually, It’s the same scenario like what happened when I failed Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 1 course in the preceding semester. My average is 41.77 while the passing grade is 45. I was extremely lonesome when I found out about it. I tried to be as cheerful as ever but some things are just too dreadful to be overcome by a fake smile alone. But there’s no point in wasting tears about the matter. Like I always say to my anakis, ”Pag nadapa, matutong tumayo.”

Who is the top 1 Nursing student of STI Makati?
It’s no other than my Dadee! I am so so proud! It really overshadowed the loneliness of my failure. Too bad he won’t be graduating still because of reasons I cannot say here. This is the Rondo towards Top 10 of Nursing Licensure Exams! Goodluck Dadee!!! I know you can do it! I’m so proud of you!

Grievance Committee Chair
Just recently, I was appointed as Grievance Committee Chair of the UST-Chemical Engineering Society. I was not interviewed for the job actually. Yes I applied but I was not screened properly. Anyhoo, I am flattered that I was chosen for the job. Well, I can say that as of now I’m the most qualified for the job in our organization so it is best that they left the committee in my care. A few days ago, we had our COMMustahan, the ChES Committee Council project presentation. I am very proud that only the Grievance Committee was able to present a total of nine (9) projects; All of which are attainable. We will show them all that the Grievance Committee will be the best committee this year and it shall be a first in ChES history.

Forlorn Writing
I have formulated interesting plots for our story entitled Forlorn. It is a story composed of the members of our high school barkada. It’s a fantasy novel. Its characters as well as the real person counterparts include:
  • Cyrone Zealous aka Kriff Griffein – Ron Karlo R. Garcia
  • Feiril Wyndoria – April Jo M. Miparanum
  • Stephon Adroit – Joffrey Stephen R. Amor
  • Gycer Stalwart aka Glycine Northwind – Gypsy Grace T. Baje
  • Wilter von Phar – John Wilbert N. de Guzman
  • Averune Lucis – Averi Al A. Alonzo
  • Aegiore Rexxis – Juan Paolo C. Hernandez
  • Wellon Vanguard – Louie John E. Alcarion
  • Arnad von Phar – Arnold L. Villanueva Jr.
  • Erdane von Phar – Edward Paolo S. de Jesus

I’m finding it hard to finish a chapter because of the complexities of the plots. I’m currently writing the chapter, Wellon’s Forlorn. I aim to write in different story telling styles like for instance in Wellon’s Forlorn, the style is entries from Wilter’s journal. Wilter is fond of writing in journals during his lifetime (like the real Wilter usually does). In another chapter, it is a poem. A short poem that when dissected, will tell that many in the events are forewarned and it is up to the reader to decode these events thru the chapter poem entitled, “The Kite”.

Mouse gnawing mouse
I was dumbfounded when I found out that a mouse gnawed the wire of my optical mouse. I was playing my desktop games when my mouse suddenly stopped working. I almost smashed the thing to pieces banging it against the desk. In the end, I asked my sister to avail me a bluetooth mouse so there would be no more wires to be gnawed on. We went to SM San Lazaro and looked for Bluetooth mice. I was disheartened when I found out that a price of one Bluetooth mouse is 550 pesos. OK, I’m book-faced but the thing costs a lot for a mouse. I ended up with a new 3D mouse and a Mini Classic Card reader which cost a jaw dropping 80 pesos. 550 pesos vs 260 pesos with 2 products to boot!

Ghostly Tears
I’m so stupid! So so stupid! Why did I think that everything will come back to the way it was? I’m so stupid. Now, I made another part of me to be broken to pieces. I gave him permission to do so because I opened up my heart once more for him. In the end, it was shattered, again. But my eyes were dry. No tears in sight. Unseen. But I am pretty sure, that they are there. I’m jealous. Shit.