I already made plans to pursue a different field (law) but an opportunity knocked, and a big decision was needed to be made. I already made it, And I decided to pursue the opportunity.

A big chunk of the reason that I decided to pursue it is because I feel like I don't have anything to anchor me here in the metro. I feel like I have no more friends I can rely on here. I feel all alone.

It has always been like that. My friends would rather attend to other things than do something together with me. The only reason they choose otherwise is when they are bored and nothing to do. Well, at the start, symptoms of that only come from one person, until finally, one by one they started to drift away.

The collective enjoyment was gone since we prefer to do other personal stuff. The pakikisama was gone.

Maybe we all grew up and went our separate ways unannounced. And part of this growing up is changing who we are, our preferences and our priorities. Or maybe all of them just went on ahead thier road and I was just left on the spot that we all stood before together.

Call me old fashioned but I do believe that friends should stick together. And I mean that literally. Before when I was working a 6 day 12 hr shift in Cavite, I always felt guilty of not being around them. That's the reason I always go back to Manila every week just in case they wanted to meet. I always put them on top of my priority list in scheduling my events.

I was very disappointed last time that we planned to watch a movie. My college friends also planned to watch the same movie on the same date. Of course, I gave priority to them, I informed my college friends that I already made plans. On the date itself, the assigned time neared but I received no text message. It was two hours after the time that I finally read an fb group message that it will not push through. What happened to simple texting? They all know that not all of us have internet connection at home.

They know who I am. I don't like wasting my time. I could have caught up with my college friends and had a blast with them. I don't like uninvited guests. That's the reason that I always text before coming to someone's place, as to show respect to the host house.

Anyway... Soon, I'll be off to Bataan. There I can have all the tiime I need for myslef. There I don't need to rely on any one other than myself. There, I can start anew...