I was really looking forward to watch this film... All I can say is...


I sooooooooooooooo enjoyed watching the film version of The Perks of being a Wallflower! The movie is fast paced, very cohesive, and very heartwarming. It made me laugh, it made me smile, it made cry, and most of all, it made me all warm inside. I haven't read the book though so I can't compare them. (Note to self: buy the book) BUt I can say that the probable reason that the movie was that good is because the Writer, the producer, the director and the book author are just one person.

The Cast
Watching the casts' names at the start of the film made me gasp a few times. No reason really, I was just surprised that some of them are part of the film. It was like watching Private Practice meets Harry Potter meets The Lightning Thief meets The Vampire Diaries meets Scott Pilgrim plus the actor who always plays a loser.

Logan Lerman as Charlie
Well, most of the world knew him as Percy Jackson in the Lightning thief but I knew him well before that. Read it here. I also love him in Gamer.

I love Logan Lerman in this film! He looks so adorable! Like what the film described him (although it actually describes Charlie): Cute and innocent, and those two combined is dangerous.

I simply love him in this film. I can really feel the anxiety and confusion. The frustation. The melancholy feeling. The enjoyment. The love. How I wish I was the one kissed by this guy!!!

So excited for the Percy Jackson sequel!

Emma Watson as Sam
Ha! The different side of Hermione! I saw her very wacky side. Totally different from the prim and proper Hermione that she played for, oh let see, 10 years? I saw her dancing stupidly on the dance floor; Standing in I'm flying Titanic pose at the back of a pick-up truck; OMFG! I saw Hermione being tutored! OMFG!!!

Emma Watson was so pretty in the film. Despite her boyish haircut, her femininity still stood out. I realized that she didn't have any accent at all. Well probably because she's playing an American girl.

Kate Walsh as Charlie's Mom
Dr. Addison Montgomery plays Charlie's mom in the film. She didn't have many lines. She had more of the physical role like hugging, crying, and smiling. Nothing much to say.

Nina Dobrev as Candace
When I saw her face, I thought: "Isn't that Elena?". Then after a close up shot, "FUCK! It is ELENA!!!"

Elena plays Candace, Charlie's Older sister. She's a beautiful popular girl in school. Well what's new? That's her role in The Vampire Diaries!

Nicholas Braun as Ponytail Derek
The actor who always plays a loser kissed the beautiful Nina Dobrev. Yes. This nerdatron of guy kissed a total hottie!

He's on par with the hot male leads of the Vampire Diaries: Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder!

Lucky Bastard!

Johnny Simmons as Brad
This guy who played Young Neil in Scott Pilgrim vs the World plays the closetted star quarterback. He's not so cute though in this film.

Well that's all from the cast that I know, but I can say, I was very impressed with the guy who played Patrick, Sam's stepbrother. He provided the comedic, the awkward, and the emotional requirement of his character. To be able to play carefree in one, with in-your-face attitude in the next, and be broken the next is really quite awesome.

The story really hit home. There are some scenes and quotes that really touched some part of me. Especially the one being a Wallflower. I guess some part of me is like a wallflower. Just like Charlie, I don't think of myself as important. That I would always be the last choice. That the happiness of others are more important that mine.

Just like Charlie, I easily get paranoid. Just like what happened now, my friends are nowhere to be seen. And I feel as alone as ever. But unlike Charlie I chose to do something.


I like that the story was set around the 80's or early 90's. There was no cellphone, no internet, no facebook, no beepers. You needed to really talk to the person personally through phone or go to their place. And I also like that you cannot simply download a really good song from the internet. You really need to research it, or you will just be lucky enough that your roommate knows the title of the song you're looking for.

Although I was already alive on the era of of casette tapes, I was not fortunate enough to make or receive a mixed tape. In the film, it sort of like a way to communicate with friends or with your lover. I love the idea that it became a focal point of the story.

We are infinite.
Infinite possibilities. Infinite Time. Infinite feelings. You just need to define what you want and you are to make it finite.

We accept the love we think we deserve.
Probably the best quote I heard in the film. I believe so too. It also goes with respect and opportunity.

Haaaaaay!!! Super ganda!

Note to self: Buy the DVD.