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Different people covet different things. Some want money. Others, fame and glory. Power for some. But for carefree people like me; I covet happiness.

It was a delight to see him that hot noon. I was on our Department's service car when my brain recognized his physique as we passed by the spot where he was standing. He was wearing casual clothes. His cellphone on his one hand, obviously texting, a bag on the other. His red shirt showcases his porcelain skin. His aviator shades completes his look. Ampogi.

Everyday, I am paranoid of the fact that he hates me. I know he hates me. But I am dumbstruck when he calls my name when the opportunity permits. Like when I passed by the sand court, or when I went to fill my water bottle and he was by the mail room. Haaaaaay.

I always imagine myself breaking down because of too much love for him. My obsessive tendencies surface with the thought of him. But the thought that I need to prove myself keeps me at bay and sane. I don't want to rush and be left broken again. I will make him recognize me. Though I am still uncertain if I have a chance, but I will the best I can to make him feel that I love him.

That is what I desire. His attention and affection.

My only... DESIDERATA...