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As perfect as my employer may seem, it still has its flaws. I proactively displayed bravado by drafting my Resignation Letter as a preemptive strike against my supposed transfer to the "other" section. It all started when rumor mongers swarmed me with gossips that I will be the one transferred since members of the section are being transferred somewhere else. Of course, I have no qualms with the work done by the other section. What I am concerned with is the immediate supervisor.

I have been there before. Being non-biodegradable with your immediate boss is really a pain. At the start, it will be fine but as the time passes, it's a glass of water held too long. It will just cause too much stress and eventually will burn me out.

The following are the words written in by supposed resignation letter. Though, I removed specific names, it still shows the essence of what I wanted them to understand.

My decision to accept my position during the onset of my hiring process was more of a personal one rather than for financial stability or for career fulfilment. I initially applied as a Technician but was reconsidered for this post after my final interview. Upon hearing of the post, which was then very vague to me, I sought counsel from my friends who are already working in the Company as well as from my former professor who is based in the City. I was advised with one thing: that the position is perfect for me. And I believe so as well. This alone is the sole reason why I accepted the job. This is also the primary reason why I declined offers, when I was still in training, to transfer to other sections.

I vividly remember that I was asked, during my interview, if what would be the reason why would leave the company. And I recall that I explicitly mentioned that I would leave the company if I will be forced to do something I am not comfortable with. I am not speaking of physical difficulties alone but heavily more on the psychosocial and emotional factors.

I am willing to stay with the company as long as I keep my position. But if that is not possible, I apologize but I dislike the new position; and I would rather not expose myself to potential excessive stress. It is unfortunate if I would leave the company in such a short period but I am adamant in my decision. I am prepared to settle any accounts because of this abrupt resignation.

One big factor why I accepted the job is because Albert told me that bagay na bagay sayo yan. I trust his judgement and here I am, loving what I'm doing, because he is right: bagay na bagay nga talaga saken.

And that's the reason why even though it is stressful in the office. I'm doing what I know I am good at.