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The tune of the Pippen song signaled that I received a new message. My heart started racing when his name appeared as the sender. I don't know. He always had that effect on me. Ever since the day that I read that particular message.

Ever since then, I knew I fell in love with him. I might have been dismissive of it at first, but I knew right then and there what I felt. It didn't need words to describe it. The simple *lub dub* * lub dub* everytime I'm near him; That unintentional shaking; That clumsy demeanor; The instant mood change when I look at him smiling; The insatiable need to impress him; The joy of just looking at him earnestly. Haaaaay!

*kabog* *kabog*

I was there at the place. I joined their drinking session with one of their seniors. I acted cool and absent-minded but amidst my obvious sleepiness for not having any sleep that day, my heart was pumping blood in overdrive. He was there. I know that slim build, though I only saw his back. I ate and drank my poison. Everyone was oblivious of the fact that I was fighting both fatigue and warmth due to the rapids known my circulatory system.

After his senior left, we began conversing about some things. I was dumbfounded, honestly. I did not expect that I will be communicating with him that night. All the while I thought he despises me. After everything I did, he has every right to be mad at me. We talked but not on personal issues but more on about work. I guess it was still too awkward to talk about personal and private things.

*kabog* *kabog* Every destined time that we meet at the corridor.

*kabog* *kabog* Every time he smiles.

*kabog* *kabog* Every time, in our chance meetings, he tells me what he's going to do.

*kabog* *kabog* Every time, I see him striving hard.

I will always be his fan.

Every beat of my beaten heart is in full support for him.