The day of the election is quick on its feet. With less than two (2) weeks away, the political climate here in my domicile is as filthy as the last trash slide in Smokey Mountain; and there is no sign that it will be cleaner anytime soon.

Power, Privilege, and Justice. It seems that most (if not all) the candidates in the local elections in my place of birth are after those three things. Well, these three things are not inherently evil. But these once used lavishly, carelessly, and selfishly, is a recipe for disaster and ruin. Just like what the two people running for the Mayoral Race in my lupang tinubuan. Evidently, a story of ruined friendship and relationship.

Joseph Ejercito Estrada and Alfredo Lim, former friends and political allies, now political enemies and rivals, are both running as the top man of our City. At first, I found it amusing that these two grown men are barking each other like wild lions marking their territory. But as I moved on to the initial shock and amusement, and these childish men are still at it, I exasperate that one of these bicker boys will seat as the leader of our city.

For the record, I will vote Mayor Lim. Though, we do have our strong difference of opinions on many matters such as: his selfish remark that Patriotism is dying in the Motherland because of the ROTC was made not compulsory for male college students; shutting down the Baywalk establiments since it provides high income for the City among other things. But we coincided on the long standing issue regarding the Oil Depots in Pandacan. If you would recall, he is very instrumental why the Oil Depots can still operate in Pandacan, because he signed the Ordinance that repealed an earlier local law that converts that particular area in Pandacan to a Mixed Commercial/Industrial Zone. Plus he vetoed succeeding ordinances that aims to remove the Oil Depots in their place.

This is a strong testament that the Depots are not going anywhere if Mayor Lim wins the seat for the third term. I would like to maintain that status quo. Though I know that it is just temporary since it will only last for three years. I'll just cross the bridge when the time is up.

Lately, I am flabbergasted with the news of throwing disqualification cases like a tennis rally. There are better things to do than watch and read fetal minded adults. I am much more irritated with the Estradas filing a disqualification case for Lim coupled with snarky uneducated comments. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!! ala Sen. Miriam. In my point of view, it's just a juvenile attempt at intimidation. I mean, the man is a former Police General. C'mon! You need to do better than that! The man already ran against Estrada in the 1998 Presidential elections; he even won as Senator prior to becoming Manila Mayor again. kabobohan!

In other news, rivals in the position of Representative for the 1st district of Manila are my Godfathers. They are Ernesto "Erning" Dionisio and Ferdinand "Ding" Diaz, my Godfathers when I was baptized as a baby. Well, Ninong Dionisio formerly served as Councilman, and then was succeeded by my Godbrother Ernix Dionisio, a re-electionist. Ninong Dionisio already ran as Congressman prior to being a Councilor, but the position was far from his reach. Ninong Ding, on the other hand, is running for the second time for the same position. But when he 1st ran during the Presidential elections, he was not at all visible. Let us see if second time's the charm for him because I believe he has more machinery now.

I think I will abstain on this one.

For the councilors, I will not vote for any UNA candidates with exemption for my Godbrother Ernix Dionisio. I am positive that he did not vote to remove the Oil Depots in Pandacan. I am well aware that most of the UNA bets are PRO Oil Depot alis. The epitome of that is Atty Jong Isip who is running in the 3rd district is under the UNA ticket. Isip, the spokesperson of the authors of the Ordinance that converts that area of Pandacan to Mixed Commercial Zone, is enough reason why I can say for certain that most of the UNA bets would make moves to remove the Oil Depots.

Vice Mayor? Lou Veloso. I am saddened and disgusted how my former idol Vice Mayor Isko Moreno transformed to the power hungry insincere politician he is now. Though I don't have first hand experience on this, but being my father is also saddened by his experiences with this mud slinging, power tripping politician, he is off my list.

Today I learned that the President of the Manila Barangay Bureau and the President of the Sangguniang Kabataan are ex officio members of the City Council of Manila. What good does a less than 18 year old add to a room chalk full of adults? Haaaay Manila.

I love our city. I love our district. But the people in power should change for the betterment of our city's role to the society. I just hope that this coming election will be free from fraud. And may this be the first step for Manila's progress.