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A proud Pink Soldier amidst a sea of Wingmen

Next Friday will be the 5th monthsary that I was elected Secretary General of Refiners Batch 12. First, let me express my relief that I was not elected for the Presidency or the Vice Presidency. Though I know I can handle these positions, I strongly believe that my personality does not fit flawlessly with them. I am very much happy with the position given to me and that's one reason I am fulfilling it to the best of my ability despite my busy schedule.

I am proud to be part of Refiners Batch 12. With pride, I always mention that in every introduction that I do in the company. Of course, the batch has its negatives. Nevertheless, my loyalty and my concern for the batch is unmoved. To the point that if ever that I would need to choose from a co-worker or from someone from our batch... I'm sorry. I cannot be objective on this one since I already have inclination towards the boys.

Last week, I joined two inuman sessions organized by members of the batch in their respective work groups. First was Group 3 where my dear friend Albert is also a member. They introduced me to the other members as: "Si Whil. Secretary namin yan." Honestly, nakakataba ng puso. I never thought that they cared enough to introduce me and equate my name to the position they elected me to. The other session was with the self-proclaimed Line Trace Engineers of Utilities. Again, members of the batch introduced me with Secretary namin not far behind. I just can't help but feel appreciated. I never thought that my simple care and sense of duty for them, is something that they know and appreciate. Kakatouch

I will always be proud of our batch. Proud to be the sole "Out" Dyosa. Proud to be its Secretary General.