I was a bit tense that Wednesday afternoon. I couldn't focus on the document that I was working on. If you ask Mr. Webster, I'm sure he'll tell you that anxious is the adjective that describes me perfectly in that instance. My mind was a smorgasbord of things from my work items and scenarios with the object of my affection.

I know Prince Charming was coming to the office. I was texting him the previous night and he said that he will give me his pasalubong from Puerto G that day. He didn't give a specific time, so I figured he will drop by our office after his shift. That will be around 2PM.

Exactly 1:37 PM, my throat ran dry; Probably from the anxiety. I took my water bottle and went to the pantry. I zoned out mindlessly as I fill up my water bottle. I went back to my office table afterwards. My laptop time showed 1:40 PM. "Gosh! Time goes slowly when your anxious!", I exclaimed in my head.

I tried to calm down by doing extra-curricular work. I was designing something for my special project. Damn. Still can't focus. Prince Charming's face keeps popping up! Fortunately, our manager gave me a new task through email. It was urgent so I slapped myself with my ghost hand and tried to focus on the task at hand.

I was finalizing my email with someone when Ate Nympa called my attention:

"Oh Tita Whil, 2 o'clock na. Nasan na sya?"

Uu nga. Nasan na nga sya? Words in my head. Well I was prepared for the worst anyway. Probably he forgot about it. I know he doesn't bring his cellphone to so he couldn't text me. I decided to look for him. I opened our door looked sideways. I just gave a deep sigh when he was not there. I went to the HR because I saw a crowd by the door. He was not there too. I loitered for about five good minutes then decided to end my search. It was in vain anyway.

I sat down my chair trying to calm my chagrin. I just focused on the email I was composing because I had it send it out before end of day. Oh well. Ganun talaga ang buhay.

I just clicked the send button when there was a knock on the door. The door opened and Prince Charming's head popped in. I turned my head to the direction of the wall to try to hide my kilig face from my colleagues. I opened my top drawer and took out my gift for him.

Finally I went to the door. I closed my eyes, bit my lip then turned the knob and opened that slab of wood. He smiled and raised his hand holding a seashell.

"Nabura eh. Nabura ung isang letter.", he said as he handed me his pasalubong.

"Okay lang yun.", I said smiling.

He then began to walk away. I was still holding my gift to him in my hand. I became conscious of the people in the corridor. I backed down from giving him my gift.

I returned to my work station. I tried my best not to look at the faces of my officemates. But I'm pretty sure they all look something like this:
 photo tumblr_lw0yv3Uk4K1qbjo08o1_250_zps13f3e07c.png

After five short minutes I stood up and decided to give it to him. I have waited a long time to give that shirt. I went to the HR since I believe he had some business there. But a crowd lingered by the door so I still couldn't give it to him without getting an impression from the spectators.

That happened at least three times more of me backing down to give him my gift. I just decided to text him to inform him that I forgot to give him my gift to him. He replied that I can give it to him the next day.

My big smile was plastered on the face that cause a little teasing from the people in the office. There must've been a little blushing on the side too.

I contemplated where I would use my new seashell keychain. First, I thought I should replace my strawberry keychain and use it for my house keys. But I went against it since I lend my keys to others. Then I had an idea. There is just one place where it is perfect to place.
 photo photo0240_zps70387308.jpg

My one of a kind seashell kitchen with the letters "Whi" on my black Jansport Office use bag. =D