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I came home that evening still feeling sticky and (hell there's no other word for it) yucky. That's how you would feel after going up six (6) tanks, three (3) which I needed to climb twice. It's even at the time the the sun is already up. Even though its before noon; Since we are wearing protective equipment, it is...

H O T - HOT!!!!

Even though I brought an extra shirt as change since I anticipated that I will have that icky feeling, it was not enough to remove that uncomfortableness.

I entered my unit's bathroom. A couple of more sighs to relieve that grotesque icky feel. I turned the faucet on to allow the water to fill my small tub. I just stood there thinking how tired I was for that day.

"...sinulit nila bayad nila saken ngayong araw na to ah... Umakyat na ng tanks, andami pang natapos na paperworks."

When the water depth was enough to accommodate my pink tabo, I scooped some water started to bathe. As soon as the first drop touched me, my slow mo sequence kicked in.

My body trembled to the satisfying coldness of the liquid being poured to me. I shook my head left and right with mouth wide open as if getting hallucinations from a party pill. I let the sensation pass first before getting some more of that pleasure liquid. It was the first time that I really felt cleansing power of water. I felt not just the dirty and grime wash away, but also the stress and fatigue from that very long day.

I stepped out the bathroom squeaky clean with revived spirits.

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