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I was in the middle of thinking of a way to solve this particular concern regarding the forms when I suddenly got thirsty. I took my water bottle, which was on top of the most cluttered desk (mine) in our section, and proceeded to get some H two O in the pantry.

I was filling her up when my inattentive eyes met a gaze of someone familiar. He was holding a box of some sort. Of course, since I wasn't really expecting anyone, I helped myself with some of that hydration liquid non-nonchalantly.

When I stepped out of the pantry, curiosity got ahead of me. My head turned left and to my surprise it was prince charming. Charming as always, I thought.

"Oh, diba off mo?", I said, obviously surprised.

"Hindi ah, first day namin, pang-umaga na kami ngayon. Last day ng off namin kahapon.", he replied smiling.

I paused for five seconds and processed the information that I just heard.

Yep! Day Off na ng Group 3. Tapos pang hapon ang Group 1. Kaya tama pang umaga na yung Group 4.

"Ay! Uu nga! Wahahahaha!", I said laughing.

"Kaw talaga...", he replied smiling.

With that I went back to our office. Feeling much less stressed. My afternoon thirst was quench by that short trip to the pantry.