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Protego Maxima! Fianto Duri! Repello Inimicum!
Protego Horribilis! Protego Totalum!

Just five more days before we, Refiners Batch 12, are officially regular employees of our company. I empathize with the boys when they say Nakakapagod, nakakatamad, nakakabanas yung supervisor and all other complaints they can say. Really. I empathize.

Last week is probably the most stressful (yet) week I had with our section. Probably because of the tons of work to be done. Both in line and extra curricular. Swear! I empathize with the boys. Though I know their designation mainly takes a blitzkrieg in the physical aspect, mine tend to foray into the mental and emotional.

I just hope I don't hear insensitive comments anymore. I mean, I'm trying my best to balance out everything. Like I said, the more things they put on my plate, the more it will be put on hold depending on the urgency. Though I know I am the new one, I CANNOT LEARN EVERYTHING AT THE SAME TIME. I know I'm Superwoman but damn, Superwoman cannot handle Metropolis and Smallville at the same time! I'm trying to juggle tons of documents, and I mean tons. Then they expect me TO CHAPERONE people whom can perform the task without me, then ASK me to do things they can perfectly do themselves.


Anyway, I say this words for myself and for the whole Refiners Batch 12.

Fianto Duri!

by etymology: Latin: "fiant" meaning "become", "duri" plural of the Latin word durus meaning "hard".

Altogether, Fianto Duri means become hard.

Become hard to the relentless culture within our company.

Become hard to the harsh environment that we all are exposed too whether physical, mental, psychological, or emotional.

Become hard and determined, that just a few more days, we have proven ourselves worthy to be regular employees.