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Every day I pray that no harm comes to the people I love. Especially those I met in the work place that are very close to my heart. Though I won't mention any specifics, I heard one of the most chilling stories in my life.

Our group was driving down National highway when our driver spoke of his experience earlier that day. It literally sent chills down my spine as he narrates his near-death experience. I may have acted calm and cool at the back seat but in reality, my mind raced with worry. The group then provided inputs on the what should have been done first before doing that particular task. Since my position mainly focuses on adherence to Procedure. I just contributed that they need to follow procedure.

My fear of big hairy spiders certainly slips as my top phobia. My fear of the boys getting hurt or worse dying in a worst scenario definitely takes the cake. I care for them and I will truly be devastated if anything will happen to them. With the thought that the same thing can happen with Prince Charming... I'm fucked scared as shit!