I think it was about two years ago when the name Wilter von Phar appeared in this world. It was a character in a fictional novel, or should I say a short story (although it is divided into chapters). I considered it a short stroy because of the lack of sub plots. It was written by my friend Ron Karlo Garcia. The title of the story: Forlorn. All the characters in the story was based on our barkada. Guess who's my character? Wilter von Phar.

Wilter von Phar is the the prince of the kingdom of Pharlore (pronounced Pha-lor). A Kingdom set in a desert. It is neighbored by the Kingdom of Wyndoria (windoria). And across the sea, the Kingdom of Shorhestia resides.

We are supposed to create our own versions of Forlorn. I have already written two blogs regarding my version. I just don't have the gut feel to write it yet.

I have decided to use WIlter von Phar as my pen name. Ever since then, all my compositions are signed, Wilter von Phar.

Note: In th eoriginal Forlorn, only Prince Wilter von Phar has a surname! Wahhahahhaa!