“hindi ba eto naman ang gusto mo? Katawan ko lang naman ang gusto mo diba?” – Denver

The line above is a line from my short story, “Mahal ko siya”. It directly states that homosexuals or gays are just after straight guys’ bodies. But before I further expound on my discussion regarding the topic, I would first explain the meaning of the title. The title was patterned on Nicolas Copernicus’s Heliocentric theory, wherein he argues to the early people that the sun is the center of the galaxy. Grammatically speaking, the prefix anti- means the inverse of what the root word means. And Phallus, the male genitalia. So in general, the Anti-Phalluscentric Theory will oppose the common knowledge that gays are just after the male genitalia, and indulgence of earthly pleasure with men.

I grew up in a place where gays are effeminate. Normally, they are with their jowas1, which they support. Most of the time, this support is monetary. Alongside with this, I can say that Filipino gays also give love to their jowas. This is pretty evident because in the community that I live, few gays are rich. Most of them are just plain persons, who have multiple jobs, in order to support themselves and also their families. But instead of using their earnings for themselves, they give it to their jowas. Most of the gays in our vicinity are bread winners. The few rich gays were rags to riches story, which implies that because of hardwork, they where able to triumph over poverty.

I never really got over the fact that I gave away a scooter just because I’m blinded by love. That was the most expensive thing that I bought for a guy. I never thought that I was wasting money that time. For me, it was for him, my love. But that is just my story, how about the others? Who gave away cellphones, who gave away houses , who paid for the tuition fees, who bought branded clothes? With these statements, it implies that a gay’s love is only worth his money, that his love is just of material things. But is this true? How about those who gave away their lives just because of their love for their guy?

Since ancient times, homosexual love is already present. But I’m only going to focus in ancient Greece and ancient Japan. In Japan, a bond with the master and student samurai is encompassed by homosexual relations. It is a submission for the student to become of service to his master, hence, it is a vow for the master to protect and teach his student. This is highly regarded as the purest form of love. In Greece, somehow is the same in Japan, The general chooses his retainer from the tenderfeet. And does the same. (Watch Alexander).

It has been always a heartache for me to hear that the only thing that gays want with men are their phalli. So to make my point clear, NO! IT IS NOT THE PHALLUS! This might sound a cliché but, IT’S THE LOVE! It has always been the love. We are always taking care of our guys, being in service with them, giving support, giving them their needs. But how do they repay us? Is it letting us suck their phalli? Fucking our asses? NO! We need not those things! We only want a feeling of importance from our guy. I’ve heard stories of gays who are sexually battered. Now you tell me that that is all we want? I believe that gays who are having sex with their guy is a symbol of submission of the guy to the gay. Although, we can never be sure. It is always the motive of the guy partner, that gays should base upon. If they are really loved by their partner, be happy. But if it’s the reverse, better be wise.