Today, I learned to play Naruto in PS2. Ummm, not really a master yet, but I kept my skills to myself. I pretended not to know how to use the kawarimi. I have analyzed how my mates play, and I have strategies that I didn’t use, because I want to surprise them the next time we play.

I have summarized my mates, their techniques and my counter strategy:


He’s pretty good, especially with the bloodline limit characters. But I found out a little glitch with his technique. His combo usually ends with a super with devastating results. So I will recommend to not be continually attacked. If you can evade his combo with kawarimi you’ll be safe.

His Sasuke is more of throws so it is best to keep your distance. But mastery of kawarimi is still the best weapon.

His Haku is a bit difficult because Haku is a short range character, a counter ability is his primary weapon against you, so I suggest having a character with long range ability.

His Itachi is a bit difficult because of the Mengekyou, but one advice that I can give you is not to jump to the next lane when he uses it because you wil be trapped in the area of the Mengekyou when he transfers to the lane where you are.


He’s pretty great at charging chakra because he uses most of the techniques and not usually a combo, Kawarimi is a good defense. The best offense for Av is use his technique against him, use jutsus.


His Cubee Narutos is something to be fret about, but he uses the same throw tactics, it was the best tactic to not be attacked with the rasengan by jumping to the next lane. Offense, a Combo/Kawarimi is best and a super requiem like Whel does is a great offense against him. It’s just that Jebs is really good at combo too, kelangn lang makipagsabayan.


JC’s tactic is pretty balanced so he’s pretty unpredictable, his technique depends on the character’s ability. A mastery of the characters’ abilities can greatly reduce his upperhand. So practice on a favorite character!