If you are a student of the UST-Faculty of Engineering, I suggest for you to read this entire blog.It's good for you. =D

I am still in awe. Earlier, I have read blog entries displays passion to his fellow students and passion for the truth. I have only veneration to the one I consider as one of the most amazing people I have met in my life. And He is John Carlo Masajo, the author of the blogs.

I knew Carlo Masajo first as a teacher. He was the English Department Head in my mini-organization, TP4. He was superb teacher! I was dumbstruck when I found out that he was just a journalism sophomore (I was a freshie that time). He then transferred to La Salle and the reason behind it is still a mystery. His name was iterated by our student in TP4, Michelle, who is now a scholar of UST, who had an encounter with him. She said that "Mother Carlo" is back and is taking up Painting at CFAD. Then I knew Mother Carlo as the Chair of Central AKLAS, the central political party that I'm affiliated to. Well, I have no repugnant remarks with his ability. I think highly of him and I think that he will make a great Chair for AKLAS.

I have read his blog entries earlier, I have nothing to say but, I SALUTE YOU MOTHER CARLO! I salute you because: First, for the marvelous and elegant choice of words in your blog. I can't help but be jealous of such talent. Second, for your courage to speak out. That initiative to expose anomalities is very admirable. Again, how I wish I have that courage when we had that episode in our faculty. and lastly, for your speckless compassion to your fellow CFAD Thomasian students.

Read his blogs here

I am moved by the words of Mother Carlo. I cannot deny that his words just went through me. Every word of his blog made my blood circulate. His anger, his sadness, his repercussions, I felt it all! As if I am a CFAD student myself! It is only through his passion for truth that I was able empathize towards those CFAD students. Water trouble, the illegal disbursement of Php 1,350 of the Dean, his complaint against the CFAD SC and CSC, the issues he bravely faced, and still faces.

Somehow, I have the same problems, the Shuffling, the strict release of funds, are the things that are happening in the Faculty, although I have friends in the council, I can see the inadequate response of the council against the shuffling issue. As if everything was kept silent, no words came out. Especially me, I know that what Dean Lim did was wrong, but I didn't do anything. My reason was because I am alone, but look at Mother Carlo, he single-handedly battled with the CFAD admin, the CFAD SC, and the CSC, and yet he still have the spirit to wake up and face his battles.

But, I am not John Carlo Masajo, I am John Wilbert de Guzman, but despite our differences, we share the same passion to uphold the truth, the same passion to protect the rights of our fellow collegemates, and the same passion to to have the best for the Thomsian community.

That is why, I have decided (if my grade permits) to run for Vice President for External Affairs of the Engineering Student Council, under the banner of SIKLAB! I believe that by doing so, I can actively and with full responsibility take care of the people I have grown to love in the Faculty of Engineering.

SIKLAB! Burn in the passion to serve!