Every year, our family is assigned to light the first candle of the Advent Wreath of our Sto. Niño Parish. I was really excite dthis mornig because I will be able to see our parish priest Rev. Fr. Erick Y. Santos. He is the Director of Holy Child Catholic School, my Alma Mater. Of course, he knows me. He calls me "Mel", because I somehow resemble Mel Martinez. Well anyway back to my story, everytime we would light the candle, we are seated in plastic chairs that are placed in front of the 1st bench of the center column benches. I would then be very nervous, because Fr. Erick's type of Homily is unlike that of other priest. He would make you laugh! As in LOL talaga! If he's the one celebrating the mass, I'm sure he's equipped with a mic with the longest cord! It is because he has a nasty habit of asking questions to the parishoners, well, students in my case when I was still studying at HCCS. I am really nervous because I don't really listen much to CL teachers back then. Nyehehehhe! It's a good thing that even though he came up to me. He didn't ask any questions. Weeheheh! Relief!

Mom, Dad, and I are the only ones who lighted the candle. My siblings were not present becuase they have there own family and all. So we ate at the nearby Jollibee. Grabeh para akong bumalik sa pagkabata. Yun kasi yung suhol nila sakin dati para magsimba. Eh strategic naman kasi yung placement ng Jollibee dun. Lakas ng kita dun ah. The last time we ate at Jollibee was after the Xmas mass. All of us were there! And that's rare! Whahahah!