The prime reason why I haven't posted any blogs lately is because I'm currently addicted to an online game called Granado Espada. I actually played it when it was in the Beta test version. As soon as the beta test was over, I refrained from playing it anymore, because most of the time, after the beta test, there will be a fee for playing. A fee for the game itself, and a fee for the computer terminal in the computer shop.
Recently I found out that there was never an implementation of fees, so the rest of the boys (my dear friends) and I started playing together at DC link (the compshop).
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I was able to post this entry because the Granado Espada servers are down. Too bad! Haaay... OMG! I'm hooked! After the servers are up, I will take a picture of my characters. They are pretty stylish so I want to level them up as soon as possible.