I'm on my way walking to life
When out of the blue you came into sight
You once passed beside me unnoticed,
But then you came back ensuring I won't miss.

As I spend my time looking through,
I've found A special thing - which is you.
An now, I'm sure of myself
Falling for you is something I can't help.

I love you more than any candy
That I can find in any store,
Love you more than any chocolate
That's available in this world.

I love you more than any ice cream
Than can chill even my saddest feeling.
And love you more than any cake
Than any baker have specially made.

Now that the boy has fell in love with you,
Lean on the glass window is all he can do.
Grabbing some money in his pocket,
Hoping someone like you, he'll be able to get.

But sadly, the boy has only love in his hands,
And nothing to pay for the fines in the end.
So the boy with a lot of pennies to pay,
Is the lucky one to buy you and take.


Here is a story of love
Where nobody will want to see.
You'll just find it stupid
And annoying as can be...

But its how the story goes
Where stupid things make him happy,
And foolish things completes his being.
The magic of love, in every pain & tradgedy.

There's a man living in silence,
Looking, loving a special lady.
A lady whose eyes and ears are covered,
For knowing what a mute heart is telling.

A man who sees her pain and tears
As razors cutting through his body.
As acid reaping in his soul,
And as jaggernaut torturing him - skin pealed.

But when her eyes brightens with laughter,
Angles in his heart rejoices however.
Blood in his veins runs joyfully,
As if it once reaced -273.

But no matter how love covers him,
Facts of life must take him in.
Sadly, his love can do is look to the lady,
Who knows nothing of a man...

Who loves her deeply...


I saw you on that bridge
But happiness is not what I feel.
Again, I saw you crying

Crying because of him.

I want to give you all the comfort you need,
But actually, that's not what I did.
Frightened is not what I feel.

Its just...

I'm not the one who can wipe away your tears.

Why can be him to dry your heart's burden?

But I can't, coz' never in my dreams
Will I let you fall on greive.

Suddenly, these questions starts asking me...

Why don't you leave him?
-Coz' you trully love him...

Then why am I still with you?
-Coz' I can't help myself from loving you...

Then I realized what big fool I am...

Why don't I just stole you from him?
-Though I have the will,
And all the chance I need,
I have no right of doing such
Coz' I'm not the one...
Who you trust your heart with!

And I may have you by my side,
But still, your heart can never be mine!

I can do nothing about that,
Coz' love is all I have...

What I can do, just like you,
Is to hold on to that love,
Though I'm the only one who can see...