Admittedly, I have a nerd gene. And I am proud of it! All people look at being a nerd as negative. But I beg to differ, because I know that being a nerd is something more than just being all-knowing and good in academics. Being a nerd is more of being good at some specific field or task.

I am proud to say that I am a nerd in science and math, although my academic grade is not that outstanding. But I can say that my brain is quite analytical and always and I amean always thinks outside of the box.

Apart from this realization, I have come to realize also that I have a thing for nerdy guys. Hihi! ;)

Here are a couple of them:

Christopher Gorham and Eric Millegan

Christopher Gorham plays Henry in Ugly Betty. But before that, I first saw him as the lead in the short lived Jake 2.0. I like him better in Ugly Betty, because here he looks so cute in those geeky glasses with the really firm hairstyle. Kakakilig! And here he plays the sensitive accountant Henry, who was torn between, love and responsibility. Haaaay. How tragic. But I realy love Henry.

Eric Millegan plays Dr. Zack Addie in the Crime Show Bones. Zack's character is a forensic anthropologist and is more of the geek assistant lab rat. But he is second to Dr. Temperence Brenan, his boss, one of the finest forensic anthropologist. Zack although, analytically gifted, is unable to rational decisions by himself. That is why, he was made an appretice of Gormagon, an underground cult. Unfortunately, during the season finale of the Bones, he was injured and it was revealed that he was the apprentice of Gormagon, making him the killer to the past killings in the show, which resulted that Zack will be transferred to a psychaiatric facility. Which will dissolve the character altogether. Goodbye Zack!

Here's a bonus!
Love it!