Question: What is your comment regarding the LIT-RESPECT merger?
In my opinion, it was really pathetic of the RESPECT people to merge with LIT because:

  • Lakas ng Inhinyerong Tomasino (LIT) is already in the brink of extinction. I can confidently say that LIT does not have the capacity to be recognized again because of lack of support from the studentry. If RESPECT did not merge with LIT, it would be SIKLAB vs RESPECT in the next elections.
  • RESPECT in itself is a self-sustaining political party, it is much much older than the not so neophyte LIT. Remember that in the 2006 and 2007 elections, a landslide of officers came from LIT. RESPECT peepz really swallowed their prides because RESPECT is a structured political party and frankly, they don't need any help from LIT. For quite sometime now, RESPECT has occupied the presidency, and I'm sure that they are not willing to give it up.
  • a year ago, SIKLAB was asking for the same with RESPECT. SIKLAB would like to merge with RESPECT to battle head on with the currently powerful LAKAS Coalition with LIT as its arm in Engineering. They declined the offer and now we are all surprised that they agrred with a merger with LIT.
  • If political arm is the only thing that RESPECT needs, I think that they should have merged with SIKLAB so as to have a political monopoly. If there would only be 1 political party, any positions in the Council will be easily gained. Not to mention that this monopoly will not be directly affected by the Central elections.

I'm totally disgusted with (I'm assuming) Kat Corpuz's decision to merge with LIT. But let us see if how would we, the SIKLAB members, be able to handle this dual oppositions.