In my point of view, De la Paz was issued a subpoena so he is forced to attend the Senate hearing or else he will be charged with contempt. Kung wala naman kasing dapat itago bakit ka matatakot na humarap sa hearing? De la Paz's lawyer said that he advised his client not to attend the hearing because they haven't studied the subpoena yet. And that same morning of the hearing they filed a motion to quash the subpoena which was later denied.

I am yet to be a lawyer (*gulp* dream ko yun someday), but I believe that the fact the he was issued a subpoena means that the discussion regarding the matter is urgent. Even though this involves only the PNP, still, it is public funds that they are holding in Russia.

Magkano lang ba ang sweldo ngayon ni Juan dela Cruz? Minsan less than a hundred yung iba, samantalang yung mga Generals na yun milyones ang dala sa Moscow. I don't believe that it was a lapse in judgement that de la Paz was unable to declare the amount of money that he's holding. If you know the law and you abide it by heart, sa simula pa lang you will feel uneasy because you know you're not doing the right thing. As a retired police General with wisdom acquired through aging, alam ko, alam nya ang batas. Kaya ngayon dapat lang ipatupad ang batas sa mga taong nagkasala.