Photobucket2nd semester of SY 2007-2008, the shuffling of sections in Engineering was implemented. 1st semester of 2008-2009 the afternoon and evening schedule was implemented for the majoring students. July 2008, the PSP ban was announced, as well as the announcement of the Observation period of the Food Ban. Before, these were just gossips, and later became reality.

And now new breed of gossips.
The Chemical Engineering Department will continue the shuffling of sections even with the 4th year sections.
Thesis groups shall be determined by the department.

This is the very nature of suppression. Students have no more choices to make. They are simply robots that are controlled by the department and the Faculty Administration. I was once a very loyal and proud student of the Faculty of Engineering, and the Chemical Engineering Department. But now, I am proud no more! I am loyal no more!

Everything in the Faculty feels wrong. I mean, there's no more things that I like about the Faculty. Don't like the schedule. Don't like the Dean. Don't like the guards. Don't like the SWDB. I don't even like our course organization, and our very own department. It all started 2nd sem of my 3rd year. Everything went upside down. Everything went, anti-student.

In the Central Student Council office, both Kuya Cachi and I are really parading the pride of the Faculty of Engineering. We are projecting a sort of intellectual stature in the office. That is why Engineering students are tagged as great students. We both wave our departments flag, showcasing the greatness and complexity of our future profession. Everyone seems so amazed that we are from Engineering and are still able to give service to our fellow Thomasians.

Being exposed to law, both scientific and provisional, I can say that there are three types of law: Declarative, Limiting, and Changing. Declarative because it states a specific thing about the law. Limiting because it limits anything from the amount of pollution that one vehicle can exhaust to Thou shall not kill. and Changing because it tends to change prior laws to become more suited for the present. In reality, I feel like only the second type is applied in the Faculty. The administration makes laws that are declarative but are limiting in nature. I am choked to death by it.

Wala nang karapatan ang estudyante sa UST Engineering. Kung ako sa inyo na nagbabalak magENGG sa UST. Wag na. Magsisisi lang kayo. Puro nalang batas na sila lang ang may gusto. Hindi nakakaganang mag-aral.