SIKLAB is ready to fight head on with the other party LIT-RESPECT. Lakas ng Inhinyerong Tomasino - Responsible Engineering Students for Progressive yada yada. Ang haba! Ang corny corny. Lumiit ang Respect ko sa kanila.

  • LIT, who is the official affiliate of the Lakas Tomasino Coalition (LTC) in the Faculty of Engineering. It is very evident the LTC is the most powerful Political Party in UST. For they dominated not only the Central Student Council but also the Local Student Councils through their affiliates. But the reverse is what happened in the Faculty of Engineering. Lakas ng Inhinyerong Tomasino is the least powerful political party in Engineering. Not only were they unable to be recognized last year, they lack that student support that they need.
    I am deeply ashamed that an affiliate of a powerful Central party asked help from a neutral local political party. Why didn't they ask help from they mother party? I am sure if they were responsible enough, they would seek the Central party's guidance. I am sure that everyday I am exposed to Lakas Coalition's Central Advisory. I am not sure which one is which but I am quite aware that Kuya Cachi is one of them. Knowing Kuya Cachi, I know that he can think of ways to help his Political Allies.

  • RESPECT. Responsible Engineering Students who Strive to be Perfect Efficient and Concerned Thomasians. I already said this from my previous blog. I am really disgusted with the merging of RESPECT with LIT. RESPECT a very much structured political party, to merge with an unstable political party? Yuck! That's the only word I can think of.

    And double yuck after I heard the reason why RESPECT didn't want to merge SIKLAB when we ask them to. RESPECT declined because according to our outgoing SIKLAB Chair, Arvin Ballesteros, RESPECT wanted to be neutral because that's the main reason that their forerunners started RESPECT in the first place. We 'respected' their reasons. And now here we are in this situation where they merged with the political party that is affiliated with our opposing Central Party. yuck! Yuck!

    Triple Yuck for the reason that Kat Corpuz doesn't want the landslide to happen again in the succeeding elections. That is why they clung to the power of Lakas!
    It is a reason. Yes. but her reason is just pure politics and not really striving to have COMPETENT CANDIDATES for the election.
    Ang masasabi ko lang kaya kayo natalo nung last election eh dahil nahugot nyo lang yung candidates nyo. Tsaka wala kayong gimik! Puro Kat Corpuz lang ang narinig ko sa mga co-candidates mo? Ano yan? Nagdasal ka na madadala mo sila? Sa Face off debate talong talo kayo noh! Hoy! tandaan mo to. Kuya Syd deserved that seat more than you kaya magpakatino ka! YUCK! YUCK! YUCK!

    Quadruple yuck for clinging to Lakas in the last elections. Clearly you have blurry understanding of your ideals. (Wow! That's irony ah!) YUCK YUCK YUCK YUCK!!!!!

SIKLAB is now ready as ever! Like what we have in our hearts in the last election "WE WILL RATTLE RESPECT IN THE ELECTIONS!" Obviously, they felt the power of SIKLAB. Being true to one's ideals is really a great power. Power that evidently shook the more structured RESPECT. By now, It's time to change our roar! "WE WILL RATTLE LAKAS IN THE NEXT ELECTIONS IN THE FACULTY OF ENGINEERING"

We achieved one of our Trusses last year which is Political Maturity in the Faculty of Engineering. I am very very proud of that. Although the outcome is not what I hoped. Still, our opposing political parties are doing someways to beat us.

Here's a bonus to our opposition party in Engineering. I am the Legal Officer Emeritus of SIKLAB. If you want to battle with technicalities, I am very much ready to take on the challenge. Just make sure that my rival in your party is at par with my level of understanding.