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And so??? Ano naman ngayon kung parehong classified under Anthropods ang Ipis at Hipon? Wala ka bang Biology class? Marami pang branches after "PHYLUM" sa Taxonomy noh! Remember sa Biology!

K -uya -ingdom
P -aolo's -hylum
S -mall -ub Phylum
C -lass -lass
S -ecretly -ubclass
O -rdered -rder
S -uper -uborder
F -amily -amily
G -reenwich enus
S -paghetti -pecies

Anthropods are those animals na merong jointed legs. Both Shrimps and Cockroaches are classfied under Phylum Anthropoda because they have jointed legs. But that's about it that are in common between these two. Let us examine the actual Taxonomical tree of a common shrimp and a common cockcroach.

Kingdom Animalia Animalia
Phylum Anthropoda Anthropoda
Sub Phylum Crustacea Hexapoda
Class Malacostraca Insecta
Subclass Numerous Pterygota
Order Decapoda Blattodea
Suborder Pleocyemata No Suborder

I omitted the Family onwards classification because it will pertain to a specific kind of shrimp and cockroach since we are just talking of it as a general sense.

The mere fact that they differ starting from the subphylum clearly shows that they are different in a great degree. And if they are saying that shrimps are eating dead matter under the sea; Well, humans too eat DEAD matter. DEAD pig, DEAD cow, DEAD chicken, and just like the shrimp, DEAD FISHES! So I really don't see anything wrong in eating shrimps.

My point? Hindi porket madumi ang pinsan mo, madumi ka na din! Che!