I have been unemployed for four months already. Of course I am a bit sad of this reality. Who will not be? I finished one of the hardest Engineering Program in the world. Got my Professional license. But it seems it is still not enough to impress the companies.

My professional career as a Professional Chemical Engineer can be summarized in one word: FRUSTRATING. I worked in two fields already, one is in Precision Cleaning, and the other the Flexible Packaging Field. Both bad experiences.

The first one forbade me to even stay in my own Lab. I was the only one who has the credentials to operate the damn facility, and they forbid me to stay there. Then, the fume hood is not turned automatically, I would need to go have it turned on before I even start testing my highly corrosive and reactive acids. The Production Manager is as incompetent as my DE Professor. And the process itself is not so... well... honest. Not to mention that I will be risking my license to people that I don't even like. Forget it.

The previous job I had was as a supervisor. The work place is filled with plastics literaly and figuratively. The smell and the heat I can handle, but the lies and the misjudgement is just beyond absurdity. I was actually the 4th one to leave. It was an Exodus of Chemical Engineers and Chemist in that particular department of that Company. Our Production Manager is just well... A manager. And that's all that she is. A manager 100%. A leader 0%. It was not the experience I was looking for. I was looking for a leader. A leader that will shape me to greatness. I feel like I ceased to learn after a few months in that company. Learning is important for me. I like a dynamic work place. I don't one to be stuck in that one thing and do it routinely. I want a challenge, But of course, you would need to equip me with everything I need before you require me to do things that even you don't even comprehend.

One thing more, I don't like the way that they treat the operators. They have this culture of oppression. In fact, I was told to lessen my "friendliness" with the opearors. Actually, it's more like I join them in their oppressive bandwagon. As a leader, I won't blindly follow all commands that are given to me. I have my own principles and I don't intend to change them because my employment orders me,

And I quote my resignation letter:

"Accusing me of destroying the computer in the lab is an insult to my profession as a Chemical Engineer."

It is stupidity if I will not leave the place after being insulted of my intergrity, intellect, and personality. What they need is a robot who will follow their every whim.

And quite recently, I applied in my own Alma Mater as an Instructor. Want to know what happened? Here read this feature. It's a satire I made to recount what happened during my so called "demo".

Although I was not the one hired, I am happy for the one who was. She was my classmate back in college; And I'm sure that she will be a fine professor for the next generations of Engineers.

Of course, there is a bit disappointment that I didn't get the job. Teaching is really something that I want to do, and heck! I'm good at it! On another note, I'm happy that I was not chosen. Now I can do what I want. I am still very active in my Student Political Party as an Alumni Legal Adviser. And I have more opportunities to share both my academic and leadership know-how to our new members.

Failing to get the job also made me realize that I am not meant to be in this profession. Let's face it. The skill set that I have is F A R from that of an Engineer's. Although I am highly analytical, my aptitude is for those in Pol Sci. That is why, I made a decision that will change my life for good.

In the coming year, I see myself going back to school. And study again the field I know that will fit both my personality, and professional aptitude.