In my last post, I said that I would run for office in the ESC. But actually, I am still confused because I feel like I don't have the balls to push through it. I know that I am well informed of the changes that should be made in the council and also in the administration. It's like dejavu. Back when I was in high school, I also ran as vice president in the banner of a baby political party, subsequently, I won. But there were so many problems that arose back then. The Admin demands total control of the council and that made the Council look like a puppet. So I resigned from my position and did better things (I was taking care of Edward back then).

This is college. This is a whole new level. This is a notch higher, and I am still confused if I can go on with the flow. I don't have political dreams. People around me think that I am capable of the position because my personality. But we can have a big war against the Dean if we won. Although I am not afraid of that happening, it's dejavu again.

It is true that the incumbent council is not standing on firm ground. I can say that because as the legal officer of SIKLAB, I was able to read the ESC Constitution, which has full of flaws. Our professor in PGC, Atty/Engr. Josefin De Alban said that a Constitution is the backbone of the Government law. The flaws in the ESC Consti is one of the evidence that incumbent council is not that good. Another is that the incumbent president possess a raw potential in leadership, and political stands. I am quite aware that she only won because of her looks and not of passion for the studentry.

I do have the passion, I do have the talent, I do have the ability, But I guess I am still human. I have thirsts that I need to quench. I still don't know if I'm ready.

A quote:

We know what we want, it just that we don't know what we would give up for it.

Yes, I don't know what I would give up for the Faculty. I'm selfish. Because in the long run, I wasn't able to take care of myself. And now this challenge that needs my ability and talent is for the studentry, this would mean less time for my friends and more for the council. I can't just figure out yet what to do. I hope I can make out my mind soon, after the Prelims, the filling of candidacy is now on.