I emailed the people from STePS because I would like to volunteer.

From: John Wilbert De Guzman [mailto:wilbertdeguzman@yahoo.com]
Sent: Friday, November 30, 2007 8:09 PM
To: Volunteer
Subject: Volunteer work

Good day, I'm John Wilbert N. de Guzman, 19 years old from the Faculty of Engineering, taking up Chemical Engineering. I'm currently a third year student. You can contact me thru my cel: 09065790001 or at our house 2546029.

With my schedule right now I can work for 1 onwards every tuesday, wednesday and friday.

I'm currently the vice-chair of the Creative services committee of the Chemical Engineering Society. I'm in charge of the posters, tarpaulins, and anything that needs designing using a software. I'm in charge of the website of the UST-ChES, however, it was not push through.

Here is the unfinished website of UST-ChES.

I'm more adept in web designing, but I can also do programming.

Thanks for your time!

The next morning, a reply came.

Ei John!

Good day!

I would be very thankful upon seeing you one time in our office.

My cell number is 09195387119

My office number 4061811

4061611 loc 8911

I’ll be out starting Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this coming week.

I am in the office on Wednesday, Dec. 5. Just inform me about your plan of visit.



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