Voltes V
Photobucket I would probably be Zandra, Prince Zardos' female assistant. Zandra spent her brain creating monster robots for Prince Zardos, making sure that her every creation will give triumph to the Prince's objective. he also has this overly protective nature towards the Prince. Her full loyalty to the prince fully describes me as a person. And as a final act of love for the Prince, she paid the ultimate price, because she dodged a bullet purposely for Prince Zardos. Haaay nako girl Bonggang Bongga! Talaga ang character mo saken!

Ugly Betty
PhotobucketFor sure I will be Betty. Because like me, she treats her job as her life. She's just an assistant for Daniel Mead, she's a confidant and a friend. I was able to watch again that episode that Daniel told Betty to screw off his life, she was very very devastated. Kinda like me when "Kuya Pao Pao" told me that I should stop calling him Kuya. But then again despite the short vulnerability, I'm sure Betty and I will be able to stand up and take on the challenges of life.

PhotobucketI'm Phoebe! No Doubt about it! She simply depicts my life. Form the first season, she's like total lost sheep. Until she learned that she have "the" gift, and began accepting her destiny. In the succeeding season she discovered that she had a knack in writing spells. But of course, she's not that perfect. She was very jealous of her sisters' active powers. But in the end, no one will argue that she's a total femme fatale, battling demons, work, and love all of the same time.

PhotobucketThe head of the Jeffersonian. Dr. Camille Soroin (tama ba yan?). A little touch of intellect, a little touch of Charm, touch of abrasiveness = Wilberta Dyosa! I can be a leader when I want to. It's just that, I was never given the chance other than TP4.

Full Metal Panic
PhotobucketSorry Jebs! But its true! Super intellect, then iferiority complex towards her brother, kinda clumsy klutz, and falling for a subordinate for all the wrong reasons. Hihi! Wilberchieng wilberchie!