Don't know what Challenge 21 is? Read this first!

This is how we get serious when we're playing the game! XD

If I remember correctly we're already applying Battle of the Spies rules here. Read on to find out more about it.


Here's the deadly Cross formation that I forgot to put a picture::


So here are some updates regarding some of strategies. We finally named Manong's Mantra...

Manong's Mantra: Overkill

It's a very very straightforward mantra. Why bother doing the required Papillons when you can just go over the required 21 points? So basically the main point is to achieve points of at least 27 points. So that even if you deduct the 6 point penalty because of the missing Papillons, you will still win.

Challenge 21 Extreme: Battle of the Spies

As I mention before, we are very enthusiastic about the game. But we are a total of 6 players and since the game only accommodates 4 players at a time, we decided to put in new rules to facilitate a 6 way war strategy.

Disclaimer: We don't own the game, this blog is simply to show how ecstatic we are with the game. Every rule about the game was thought about by the great man who invented it. We just added new rules so all of us can play it at the same time.

Since it would be pretty hard to win because of the increase in the number of players, we thought of adding a twist to the game. How about if you have an allied color and you can use it's formation to aid your own? Example:


For the picture above, suppose that red is allied with yellow. Red will complete the formation and will have 15 points for the 5 flags. If yellow is not allied with red, then red successfully blocked the formation of yellow's 5 flags and gave himself points as well. This new rule is really tricky so we decided to limit the use of only four (4) spies. You can only take your allied color's chips only four times. So like the picture above, red can take in the full 15 points because he used for chips of his allied yellow.


You can use your allied color's chips for any formation. You can produce the required Papillons, even the hard to maneuver Kite Formation! (Juancho did this!) I would like to point out though, that if your allied color formed a formation on their own, they will still receive points. Look at the red and yellow shark teeth formation at the bottom area. If yellow is allied with red, but red is not allied with yellow, Red will have 8 points for the 4 shark teeth, and yellow will take in 15 points for the 5 shark teeth using his chip and his 4 spies of his allied color.

So now, the only problem is how would we determine who would be allied to whom? We resolved that when Manong saw the Magic: the Gathering cards scattered in my room. We assigned a specific card for ourselves put it faced down on the board, shuffled it and took one each. Right now, we already assigned different Power Cards as we call them. This also comes with our assigned color.

My Power Card: Sachi, the Daughter of Sechiro. Color: Yellow


Our Power Cards and Color:
Whil - Sachi, Daugther of Sechiro - Yellow
Jebs - Takeno, the General Samurai - Blue
Juancho - Tobita, Master of the Winds - Green
Av - Kumano, Master Yamabushi - Brown
Whel - Soshiro, Son of Sechiro - Orange
Ron - Nagao, Bound by Honor - Red

Guys, if you're reading this? Want to have a custom Power Card Created? We can have it made in Tutuban. In those stalls that makes Membership cards.

a typical 6 way game. Although we haven't doen it yet

Anyway, according to the data that I have gathered, you can already win the game with the Battle of spies rule in place in just 6 turns. But typically, we average around 13-16 turns before someone wins. We are obviously in cut throats with each other because it becomes harder and harder to put in my multi-prong offense.

The hardest pick that you can have during the allied color selection is when you picked yourself. We still don't have any record of someone winning who picked himself and won. It's very hard. Because you can easily be seen if you're formations are completely your own. Also, if you try to bluff, you will lose valuable turns to complete your formations.

Right now, since we already have 6 players, I thought of another rule. Right now I'm calling it the War of two sides. But I am yet to finalize it and open it to the other guys. I'll save the discussion after we talked about it. So for now...

Chips closed