Kaya minsan, ayokong manood nung mga love story eh kasi yung mga nakakakilig na eksena nakakainggit. Pero hindi naman yung super kilig scenes ung kinakainggitan ko. yung mga maliliit na bagay na napapansin ko. Like the guy inviting the girl to go out. The guy getting a stuffed toy for the girl in the toy crane game. Little things like that.

I want to experience them to! I'm also human. It seems they think that I don't need those kind of pampering. But I do! I just act that I'm strong so that I belong. Hindi ko naman kelangan maging boyfriend yung boy na gagawa saken nung mga bagay na yun. Minsan nagpapakabusy lang ako so as not to think about those little things. Although I appreciate girls doing those things, syempre iba pa rin pag guy yung gumawa. hello? bading po ako!

I'll admit that there are two parts of myself when it comes to boys. A caring, trustworthy person who is safe to all boys, and a cum-thirsty predator that will do anything just to have its target's testosterone. Talk about Jekyll and Hyde but without the potion. A werewolf without the moon. I can transform to either whenever I want. It's just that, I chose not to be a predator anymore because I want people to respect for me, to care for me.

Right now, I can say that I am a wall. But in the end, this wall is slowly tearing down its defenses. I'm a little worn out. I need some love, literally! It doesn't have to be expensive. It doesn't need to take up a long time. Like a said before, even a simple nod can do wonders.

I really relate to Let's Go on Etoile's Version.
the 1st part is Cornet's Version. Wait for the next part ok?

Let's Go On (Cornet)
I remember this song I've known it for so long
And it feels so good to hear
Sounds a little sad but sweet just the same
Lovely melody

Whenever I hear this song,
I really don't know why
It makes me shed a little tear
But I'm sure my tears will soon disappear
Because I know you're here

Whenever I am feeling sad
And everything around looks bad
All I have to do is think of you
I know my dreams are waiting to come true

Let's go on with hope in our hearts
Love will surely show us how
Let's go on, our hearts filled with dreams
Let's go on and find them now

Let's go on (Etoile)
You're such a lucky girl
That's what they always say
Rich and beautiful and bright
They don't get to see what's hidden deep inside
(So) I feel all alone
They keep telling me.
My life is so grand
What will make them understand
No one knows how truly lonely I am
Why don't they understand
I may act as if I'm strong
But all I want is to belong
Love and understanding from Mom and Dad
Is all I need to keep from being sad
If only I could just let go
Help me let my feelings show