Matagal nang tanong to sa isip ko... San ba talaga ang mas masarap? sa Jollibee o sa McDo?

Nagexperiment ako... kumain ako sa Jollibee afterwards kumain din ako sa McDo. I ordered the same thing. Cheeseburger with upsized Fries and Drink and Caramel Sundae. Eto ang results

CheeseBurgerLight colored, square cheese and sour relish taste of dressingWith Cucumber, melted cheese, More on the dark side.I don't know, I like dressing of jollibee but I also like the veggie in McDo's
FriesShort not that saltyLong and saltyi love McDo's Fries, NOt only is it longer than Jollibee's it's also saltier! I love salty foods!
Caramel SundaeTopped with shredded Coconut and pastillas bitsCaramel onlyI prefer McDo's, their caramel is full of flavor! It is to be the partner of the bland vanilla ice cream.
PricePhp 103Php 113Wow Jollibee's cheaper by Php 10!

Now you decide what you want more!