I;m a self confessed couch potato. I like to watch TV especially those from the states. Although I like their stories, I can't erase the fact that sometimes, a good-looking actor really catches my attention. Here are some of my favorite American male TV stars:

Benjamin Pratt
He's the star of Law & Order and E-ring. He's really cute when his acting. NOt to mention, the astig roles that he plays.

Kyle Chandler
He plays the lead role in both Early Edition and Friday Night Lights.

Milo Ventimiglia
He played first as Jess in Gilmore Girls before being one of our Heroes.

Kerr Smith
He's one busy man. I first saw him as a homosexual named Jack in Dawson's creek. Then as a detective in Charmed. He also stars in E-ring, and now as one of the lead lawyers of the JUSTICE.

Byron Mann
He plays a police officer in Dark Angel.

Christian Campbell
A cute guy from the show, The $treet.

Dean Cain


Superman in Lois & Clark and host of Ripley's Believe it or Not.

David Duchovny
Gasp! Agent Fox Mulder! Xfiles!