Grabeh kahapon nakakashock talaga yung nangyari! Grabeh talaga yun! Hindi ko talaga sya makakalimutan ever!

Kasi ganito yun. Kahapon, our group was doing the experiment 4. We did all the steps. We cleaned the apparatuses, made a pellet out of Benzoic acid crystals, made a wire attached to the lid of the bomb touch the pellet before we closed it up. the bomb here is only a vessel, not really a bomb like Boom bomb. Then after wards, we placed oxygen in the bomb, making the inside of the bomb acquire a pressure of 25 atmospheres. Then we placed it inside the bucket of the calorimeter filled with 2 liters of water. we closed the calorimeter. the lid on top has a wheel and attached to it at the bottom of the lid is a propeller, which functions as a stirrer. So we attached a rubber band to the motor onto the wheel so it stirs. So the final step is to make the bomb implode by pressing the ignition button in another apparatus that is attached to the bomb inside the calorimeter. If it lights up red, the experiment was a success.

So the moment of truth, I pushed the ignition button. We were so happy it lighted up red in just 1 trial. Then suddenly, SPLASH!!!! water came out of the calorimeter with its lid flying to the side! We were all shocked! Not to mention wet! The water splashed all over us! Even our notebook was not spared! Its lines are having a shade of green instead of blue!

Wahhahaha! good thing that no one got hurt. But Our professor said that no one will be hurt because the "bomb" has no nails, glass, etc.

Grabeh! Nakakaloka talaga yun! Can't wait for the next experiment!