In general, I like to read books whose authors are Filipinos. A bunch of them are really good writers. I mean, their works have substance. But unfortunately, the masses doesn't recognize our author's profound works. The constant scenario everytime I'm looking for books at the Filipiñana section of National Bookstore is that, they all look for just one author, Bob Ong. I mean, Bob Ong is not the only Filipino author in the world! There are so many great books in the same shelf but they fail to see them. Piff! They will only read books when other people are reading them. I guess that's the trend. Oh well, here are the top 5 Filipino Authored books that I want to buy but can't because I couldn't afford it.

5: A song for my brother and other stories by Antonio Hidalgo
I was astounded by the writings at the back of the book. It states the different characters in the different stories inside. I remember something like, a college student wanting to save the life of a GRO. A successful brother who is at pain to see his brother in the life of drugs. Things like that.

4: Suddenly Stateside: Funny Essays On Pinoy Life In America by Marivi Soliven Blanco
It was really funny because it says at the back you will learn how to babysit a pet daga. Wahahahahaha!

3: Pink Men in love and other stories by Gerardo Torres
Wow! Baklang bakla! Wahahahaha! Those kind of titles really pulls my eyes.

2: Ang Ladlad 3 by J. Neil Garcia and Danton Remoto
Anthology of gay literature. I have the 1st and the 2nd, it is only today that I found out the installment.

1: Brusko Pink by Louie Cano
It is taking a long time for this book to lower its price. I am really waiting for it to go down!