It can never be denied that Independent films or Indie films are really on a boom today. A movie will only be considered "Indie" if it is a low budget movie. Not only that, Indie films doesn't use films for the shooting. A simple Digital Video camera is enough to shoot the scenes of the movie. Well, I noticed in the Indie films that are coming out today, most of their topic is about sexuality, particularly the gay sex or homosexuality. The ups and downs of gay life and at the same time, they serve as the mirror what the society looks like today, because they are really happening.

Also, sexy vcds are coming out with boys in their skimpy clothes, others with none at all.

5: Hubad: Striptease
I want to watch because it was given top marks by the blogs that I have read. I am really curious about what is inside.

4: Provoq Voyeur
Viva's new group after the the Viva hot men are called Provoq. It has been a while since I saw an article regarding them from Manilagayguy.

3: M2M
There are somw familiar faces here from Provoq. Wehehehe.

2: Sikil
I wasn't able to watch the movie... Boohoo! Ken Escudero, the one who played the lead role was the former Mr. Philippines. this film has an international title of "The Masseur".

1: Lalaki sa Parola
The lead actor is cute!