The cable channels: Crime and Suspense, Entertainment Channel, and 2nd Avenue; MOved to the local airwaves! Wow! They can now be watched for free on Channels 9, 21, and 29 respectively.

Wow! I do admit I'm a couch potato, if the cellphone was not invented, I would be entertaining myself with the TV. I can watch hundreds of shows and not feel a tinge of tire. I actually am a geek when in comes to crime investigation shows like CSI, Bones, Psych, X-files, etc. And lifestyle and talkshows, and Sitcoms: Will and Grace, Friends, etc.

But right now the new shows that I like in C/S are Women's Murder Club, E-Ring, Law and Order.

I like the last two shows because of Benjamin Pratt. He's so dreamy but he's kinda old.