The results are out. Official stats are 3-6. 3 from SIKLAB, 6 from LIT-RESPECT. I can't say I'm not disappointed. Considering that we are expecting a sweep in the election. But, this is just a minor set back in our plans. This will not hold us back.

This is how politics work. You win some, you lose some. LTC may have won this year's battle, but the fire is still burning. I for one will keep the flame alive. The ashes of our scorned dreams shall ignite the Flame to burn much brighter and stronger! With the current political development on the verge of its dew point, there will be changes in the course of politics the following year. I'm sure of it!

We already partially fulfilled our second battle cry and hopefully it will be complete the following year. We had began phase 3 although it is not yet perfect, I believe that its effects will come in handy in the next elections. So fear not firelings! Our party's battle is not yet over!

Burn! SIKLAB! Burn!