Engr. Jun Lozada and I

It is only this year that my sensory nerves were able to interpret the bitter taste of UST Student Politics. This is the 1st time that I was in the frontlines. The 1st time that I engaged in a political and electoral dispute. My first time to become a recognized political figure.

Just recently, I had a text war with a student-leader (I hate calling that person this because the person doesn't epitomize the description) regarding some posts here in my blog. Well quite honestly, up until now, I still haven't the grasped that person's rationale for picking a fight with me. I just wrote what i saw and I told the truth. Is speaking the truth a crime these days?

I very much emphatize now with Engr. Jun Lozada. In speaking the truth, his life was never been the same because of crooked politicians and money launderers' steps to intimidate him or discourage him. Although, I don't see this person as a politician, this person somehow did metaphorically what those politicians did to Engr. Lozada. In my case, I was called many negative adjectives some which I don't deserved to be called.

I will never take back what I said. I told the truth and no one can bend that fact. I will never be afraid to speak of the truth; For if I show cowardice to speak such words, I am not worthy to be called a Thomasian.